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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Christopher Smith

Franka Potente/Kate
Paul Rattray/Jimmy
Vas Blackwood/George
Jeremy Sheffield/Guy
6 10
Star f*cker Kate (Potente) falls asleep drunk in the subway station and wakes up after hours, having missed the last bus. Sooner than you can say “Raw Meat”; a murderous entity is on her skirt killing everyone in its way to get to her “yellow dress” wearing arse!
I was all hyped up to see the British genre ditty “CREEP” where the word of jaw on it has been excellent thus far. Now I’m not sure if it was a mix of my expectations being too high and me having seen so many damn horror movies over the last 20 years or so of my life; but I wasn’t ran over by this genre subway car as much as though I would be.

That’s not to say that I didn’t get my boulders massaged by this "Radiohead song title knock-off" on some levels. The first half of CREEP in particular kicked my hacky-sack in the air repeatedly. The claustrophobic surroundings were chilling to say the least; the potent directing was all about dread filled mood, the mystery in terms of who/what was stalking the ground was tantalizing while the tension when it came to the scare “set pieces” was milked adequately. I can’t say that I was ever scared (only my Visa bills truly jolt me) but I was definitely engrossed as to what was going on. The decent gory goods spread about throughout contributed in making this dish go down smoother as well. There’s nothing like seeing some poor schlep get his throat slit by a rusty blade to put a smile on my borderline psychotic, mom call the nut house, face. Lastly, witnessing Franka Potente run and scream on cue for a buck and half always makes for decent entertainment. Who was her character again? Did I even like her? Who cares! She looked good and had a swell character arc to boot! If only that yellow ensemble would’ve been ripped off her Elijah Wood polluted (yes, he dated her) body. If only.

Throughout CREEP, plot holes, suspension of disbelief, dumb horror character moves and scumbag side players with the word “victim” carved on their butt cheeks occasionally surfaced. Honestly I wasn’t too bothered by those. It was almost fun to see the usual genre conventions so firmly applied. What sank CREEP for me was the revealing of the “baddie” in question at the halfway point. I don’t know what I was expecting but a yelping simpleton bitch wasn’t it. It surely didn’t help that once exposed, the film went on to show way too much of the squealing bastard; lessening my fear of it in the process. And what was up with that half assed and contrived (Hospital in subway?) “origin” story in regards to the villain? Either give us a logical background or don’t! This “hint-hint cause I don’t really know myself shtick didn’t work for me. My final peeve had to do with the whole “people running around tunnels screaming” thing. Fifty minutes in, I was “officially” sick of it, especially since the horror had lost its edge by that point and I wasn’t anxious for the characters anymore. When I start gazing at that Fast Forward button as if it was some girl’s nips while watching a flick, that’s bad news bear man!

On the whole CREEP was an okay hour and half of gore, semi tension and a chick running around screaming in a striking yellow dress. Maybe it’s because I expected more than a standard slasher with a minor twist set in a subway that I wound up being semi let down by it. Who knows you might get off on it more than I did. You know who’s the real CREEP though? Yup…you guessed it…TOM CRUISE!
We get mucho throat slashing, throat ripping, damaged after the fact cadavers, a spiked heel in the head, a metal spike through the head, fun with surgical instrument, light stabbings, bloodshed and more! Fans of the red grub will enjoy.
Franka Potente (Kate) sprinted, screamed and let that yellow get-up gap the rest. Decent show! Paul Rattray (Jimmy) managed to make his junkie, human trash role likeable…good job! I was rooting for Vas Blackwood (George) more so than the Kate character, sympathetic is the word. Jeremy Sheffield (Guy) played a coke snorting, sexist jerk so well that I craved hanging out with him afterwards. Let’s do lunch man!
T & A
Well we get Franka Potente looking yummy (nice legs on that Lama) and the ladies get a naked mutant/creature (Was that his pecker I saw or was it the beer talking?)
Christopher Smith did a fine job in capitalizing on his oppressive setting, in delivering the proper drab atmosphere and in building tension, especially during the first half of the flick. Moreover, I grooved to his effective use of sound to amp up the “creepy” factor of the piece. NICE!
The score by The Insects was quite effectual. Loved that “train like sound” that was integrated into it! We also get a couple of pop/rock tunes that I already forgot about.
My high hopes might have played against CREEP. I thought I was going to get something relatively fresh, but a standard, gory slasher set in a subway was slapped my way instead. Even though the flick sported plot holes, blah characters and some redundancy, I still recommend you check it out, if only for the dark atmosphere, the brutal happenings and seeing Lola run again. If you go in expecting a familiar dose of old school, you might dig it more than I did. Now lets all sing together now: “ But I 'm a creep - I 'm a weirdo - What the hell am I doing here? - I don't belong here- I don't belong here…”
The flick was shot in London, England and in Germany.

Lion's Gate has picked up the U.S. distribution rights to the film.