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Cry Wolf(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jeff Wadlow

Julian Morris/Owen
Lindy Booth/Dodger
Jared Padalecki/Tom
Jon Bon Jovi/Rich Walker
7 10
New kid on the block Owen (Morris) joins the “Liar’s Club” at school i.e. a group of misfits who get off on lying?!? To each his own I guess. So, when their biggest prank about a killer on campus named “The Wolf” becomes too real for comfort, fingers are pointed, bodies begin to drop and the question “What is genuine?” arises. My high school was never this much freaking fun!

Nobody believes a liar... even when he's telling the truth.

Don’t believe the misleading marketing campaign behind this baby; they’re flat out lying to us (how ironic). Cry Wolf is a “faux slasher” (I’ve been waiting for years to use that term…yeehaw!)…one that’s more along the lines of the underrated “Gossip” with James Mardsen than Friday the 13Th or any other dead zit/cherry popper jamboree.

With that cleansed off my knife; I will admit in being swiftly slam dunked onto this one's sticky "bleak thriller" web, which went on to constantly challenge my grey matter while being an overall hoot and a half to sit through too boot! I so grooved as to how the film itself acted just like its lead teens (and all of my ex-girlfriends); it kept competently lying to me, making me question the presented reality while somewhat playing the whodunit card with clever red herrings all over the place. The result was that my wits (or lack of) were pleasurably working overtime. How refreshing! The actors in this 3 ring circus were a big part as to why this B.S. injection worked as well. The young leads were talented and mostly looked/acted their age, hence involving me deeper in this sea of deceptions. Tag to all that, razor dialogue, polished directing choices, a deliciously oppressive atmosphere, a quick fix pace, a sly use of today’s technology (instant messenger/cell phones that take pictures etc.), a couple of gnarly stalk sequences and final frames that had me shout to the heavens “f*cking kool” on my way out and you get a riveting & testing little ditty that was worth the sit down and then some.

On the dull side of the blade, I did find the initial premise (a liar’s club) a tad childish, even for kids’ of this age. I mean at 18 I was playing put the sausage in the donut hole, not patty cake who can out lie the other, boo-boo, you’re a better fraud than me… but that’s just me. As the film moved forward, I did wind up buying it though, so not much harm was done in that regards. Then there was the slasher angle which wasn’t emphasized enough for my liking. I needed more graphic violence (make the quick cuts, less quick, show more), craved added suspense (I was rarely on the edge of my edge) and extra action/stalk bits (the mental warfare started to get redundant at times; more physical get-downs would have washed it down). All of the previously mentioned ingredients would have upped the shock of the narrative in my pointless opinion. Lastly, yup I did see through most of the movie’s tricks, which affected my “tension” level in regards to what was happening. Actually, I pretty much figured it all out fairly quickly except for the final twist. Thank the all mighty “Mysterio” for that last turn! It back handed me like the jerk that I am and gave the whole of the film so much more jazz.

All in all Cry Wolf was an ambitious genre take on “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. It was smarter than the norm, well acted and gorgeously shot. Yup, I would’ve needed more brutality/suspense spices in my soup but at the end of the lie, I could safely say that I boogied fine to my time spent with this con artist. Word on the street is that rapper “Nellie” is the one that actually came up with the premise for this movie…seriously….he sold the story to the Wadlow team which explains why one of the lead’s wore a Band-Aid on his cheek like a freaking moron in the film…or am I lying?
We get some swift glimpses of bloodshed (don’t blink or scratch your privates) and severed fingers on a corpse. Gore was not this one’s game.
Julian Morris (Owen) not only looked like an actual teen but also had the acting chops for the role. Good job! Lindy Booth (Dodger) had so many levels to play and she hit them all on the head. Furthermore; she displayed a sensuality that kept my aroused binoculars on the screen. Jared Padalecki (Tom) was efficient as the “duder” like member of the group. I still remember when I first saw Jon Bon Jovi (Rich Walker) act in “The Leading Man’ (great film) and he simply blew me away. The Bonj did it again here with focus and mucho charisma. I love that guy! Sandra McCoy (Mercedes) sported a decent delivery and let her killer body gap the rest. That’s all I needed man! Look out for Mandy Moore in a cameo as a whip cracking school girl with no undergarments on…or am I lying?
T & A
What’s better than Lindy Booth in a wet bikini? Well Sandra McCoy in tiny weenie undies sure comes close! We get both here. The ladies get The Bonj, looking like The Bonj. Great muchacho!
Jeff Wadlow gave the film a mature feel via slow/engrossing camera movements, creative shots/angles while not overdoing it with the quick cuts (they were used at just the right times). Good job bro!
The economic and spooky score by Michael Wandmacher so smacked my bitch up and contributed in the serious/chilling feel of the film. We also get some competent rap, techno and pop/rock.
You looking for a bloodsoaked, giggling titties heavy slasher? This is NOT it, no matter what the film’s trailers tell you. But you in the mood for a lying son of a whore that takes you for a guessing game ride while displaying strong performers, an even pace, solid directing choices, The Bonj (always a plus) and at least one hard hitting twister? Than this house trained wolf is for you! Granted, I saw most of the ploys coming, wished for more focus on the horror aspects and needed a tad more physical action to fill the void in my thrill seeking soul but on the whole Cry Wolf still came through. See it and then start your own serial killer rumors on YOUR campus! Call him “The Arrow”…Muaaa…muaaaa…MUAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Cry Wolf got under way after Jeff Wadlow won the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival prize. NICE!

Sandra McCoy’s mother, father and brother all died in a plane crash in 1993; she was the sole survivor. Sandra has since acted on TV, been a Laker Girl and done features. YOU GO GIRL!

Lindsay Booth was born in April 1979 in Ontario, Canada.

Jon Bon Jovi’s first acting role was in Young Guns 2 as a cowboy that gets shot in the back.

These bits of dialogue from the film:

Owen: We've got to hold on to what we've got 'Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
Dodger: We've got each other and that's a lot for love. We'll give it a shot.
Owen: We're half way there…Livin' on a prayer!

We’re lifted off the song “Livin' on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi…or am I lying?