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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jason Lei Howden

Milo Cawthorne/Brodie
James Blake/Zak
k Kimberley Crossman/Medina
Stephen Ure /Daggers
8 10
An amateur metal band find some old sheet music, play them and unleash demons who go on to possess most of the folks that live in their small town. Rev up the chainsaws; wind up the dildos, its demon bashing time!

When I was a teenager in high school, I was a metal head that hung out with other metal heads and yeah... we f*cking loved metal! And although that was a long time ago and so much has changed since, now that I have become a faux grown up; I still listen to Metal to this day (up the Irons) and still have an affinity for the scene (specially in this day and age of way too much shitty music). Hence every time a horror film dips its claws into the Metal world I usually get "somehing" out of it. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare, Black Roses and Trick or Treat are all “non guilty” pleasures of mine and now here comes the New Zealand offering DEATHGASM (watch it here) to become the ruler of them all! F*ck I loved this movie!

I was having a blah day before my watch of DEATHGASM; but after an hour and a half of rocking, red wet, good times, I had a huge smile on my face as the end credits rolled. DEATHGASM was a high octane, energetically edited, funny as f*ck, gory as hell, non-stop thrill ride! Think The Evil Dead meets Shaun of the Dead meets Metal! I don’t think I have seen a film this year that went so “all out” when it came to giving us the audience a crazy ass party! From the trippy animation sequences (Was that my man Conan the Barbarian I saw?), the clever seen transitions, the Metal Album covers live fantasy bits that folks had every time they heard and LOVED metal, to the clever one-liners (metal Up Your asshole – wait till you see the context) and raunchy sight gags (demons pummeled by dildos… I was on the floor), DEATHGASM just went all f*cking out! As you can imagine, this one didn’t skimp out on the graphic violence, if you look up splatter in the dictionary, the DEATHGASM poster should be there! 

Visually writer/director Jason Lei Howden (who comes from an FX back-ground) echoed Sam Raimi and young Peter Jackson! The kinetic camera work (loved the from inside the mouth POV shot), the occasional quick zoom-ins, the fly angles – it was all there! But all of them goodies wouldn’t have meant as much if I hadn’t fallen in love with the cast! Thank Crom we had winners here! Milto Crawthorne was credible and affable as the wounded rocker kid who just needed ROCK and a pal. James Blake was too cool for school and borderline sociopathic as badboy cum leader of the pack Zakk. Hottie Kimberley Crossman’s from “uptight” to “rock and roll gal” display owned me while Sam Berkley (Dion) and Daniel Cresswell (Giles) brought in added comic relief via their endearing showcases, Last but certainly not least if you were or are a metal head you will get even more out of this film! The flick kept walking the fine line between kissing the Metal scene's ass to affectionately making fun of it. Which ever it was, I had a blast with it! 

Tag to all that all kinds of hard hitting metal tunes in the soundtrack and a sense of humor that went from juvenile, to high wit, to bottom of the barrael crass and you get the best Horror Party movie of the decade! Any complaints? Some but they are minor. I didn’t dig how the film killed off some of its more likeable secondary characters with little to no fanfare. Moreover, I had one suspension of disbelief moment (yes even in a film like this) having to do with our heroes NOT noticing that peeps had become possessed. What is it gonna take?!  I wasn’t keen on the end demon either– he looked clunky compared to the awesome demon effects I had seen so far. But yeah, like I said, the qualms are minor.

On the whole DEATHGASM was simp,y a riot act from start to finish! Gorehounds will love this shit, gorehounds who also happen to be Metalheads will be in freaking heaven! Headbang away!

It's an all you can eat buffet! We get chopped heads, blood puking, engine dropped on head, dick chopped off, ripped arms, heart ripped out, some fun with chainsaws, some gory fun with dildos and vibrators, intestines falling out and more!
T & A
We get two tit shots and some light girl on girl schtuff
What else can I say man?! DEATHGASM hit all of my happy buttons! A cool cast, potent metal, crazy gore, out of line humor, inventive visual style, hilarious sight gags, biting dialogue, cool cast…the works! Sure, I had one moment of suspension of disbelief, the end demon didn’t do it for me and I was taken back at how it killed two endearing supporting characters without blinking; but on the whole those are BS qualms. DEATHGASM was la crème de la fucking crème of Metal driven horror films! I WANT A SEQUEL! Get the buds and the beers and rock out with this mothertrucker!
Milo Cawthorne was also seen in Power Rangers RPM.

Kimberley Crossman played Sophie in the popular New Zealand TV show Shortland Street.
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