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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Joseph Rubin

Dennis Quaid/Alex
Kate Capshaw/Jane
Christopher Plummer/Bob Blair
David Pat Kelly/Tommy Ray
6 10
Before \"Nightmare On Elm Street\" took the idea of dreams and milked it to death, a smaller movie with similar ideas came along. That movie was \"Dreamscape\" (yes they do say it in the movie). Alex (Quaid) is a recluse psychic, using his gift to win horse races and charm the ladies…that’s until Bob Blair (Plummer) an old acquaintance, blackmails him to join his project. The project consists of entering people’s dreams and being able to influence them and of course kill in them. You die in your dream you don\'t wake up…sounds familiar?
This movie scared the crap out of me when I was a kid, now it plays like an \"Outer Limits\" episode. But a good episode. This movie doesn’t waste any time and rolls fast, with creepy dream sequences (the fact that the effects are crude compared to today’s standards makes \'em even more weird) a few action sequences thrown in for good measure, an obligatory love interest, David Pat Kelly as a psycho (again and he’s great), a conspiracy, a few laughs and lots of corny lines (who’s your decorator Darth Vader…urgh). It’s got it all. Let’s see what this dream is really about….
Not much. We do get to see a heart ripped out of some poor schmucks chest and some neato stop motion effects (a snake man…ouuuuu)
Dennis Quaid (Alex) is sometimes on, sometimes off but to be fair he does have the occasional bad line to say and that doesn’t help his case. Kate Capshaw (Jane) doesn’t have much to do except look very pretty and she’s wonderful at it, Max Von Sydow (Dr Paul) feels wasted in a small part, Christopher Plummer (Bob) plays another shady evil man (he could play that part in his sleep) and David Patrick Kelly (Tommy) does the quiet menacing psycho bit to perfection. (I love this dude)
T & A
We got one pair of breasts that show up preceded by an hilarious scene. Mr. Quaid shows us his thin, tight body not once but twice. (yes you look great in underwear man)
Rubin handles the action and dream sequences like an old pro but I think he had trouble with his actors cause they sometime stunk up the house…did you direct them at all Rubin?
One of the worst scores I have ever heard (courtesy of Maurice Jarre). The score is over dramatic, makes the dream sequences less effective and the action sequences seem cheap
Forget Elm Street for a couple of hours, laugh at the lines, ignore the bad score, get some pop corn, get your boy/girlfriend and have a pleasant time. This movie is not art in motion but it’s fast, fun, creative and yes, it’s cheesy… good cheese.
\"Dreamscape\" deals with people being stalked in dreams, has a scene where a guy has finger claws (like Freddy) and has a scene with an hideous snake man (just like Dream Warriors)…coincidence? I think not. Surprised Craven hasn’t been sued yet.

Notice the scene that involves a phone booth and a car, you can find the exact same scene, frame by frame in \"Duel\", Steven Spielberg’s first movie….I guess everybody rips everybody off in the movie business.