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Elvira\'s Haunted Hills(2001)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Sam Irving

Cassandra Petersen/Elvira
Richard O'Brien/Vladimere
Mary Jo Smith/Zou Zou
Scott Atkinson/Dr. Bradley
5 10
Elvira Mistress of the Cleavage (Petersen) gets taken up to a haunted castle. A mystery, prat falls, boob jokes and more boob jokes follow.
If you don\'t dig Cassandra Petersen\'s schtick, chances are that you won\'t enjoy this flick one bit. But if like me, you hold some kind of appreciation for the sarcastic big breasted gal, then that might be enough for you to tenderly suckle on this one for a while.

The film does have some funny jokes in it. 85 percent of the tit gags worked, the winks at the camera were a nice touch (all about the bathtub scene), the overacting bald dude (O\'Brien) cracked me up and the ranch stud\'s dubbed voice wuz hilarious. I also appreciated the few movie references they slapped in there. We get \"The Pit And The Pendulum\" and we also get a very funny \"Shining\" thang that hit the mark early on.

On a negative boob, the flick doesn\'t balance its plot and its comedy evenly. Some comedies don\'t have enough plot to carry it (\"Scary Movie 2\" comes to mind) and others have so much plot that it ceases to be a comedy. In this case, the intricate plot got in the way of the jokes. Since the plot didn\'t interest me at all, the pace of the film lagged on many occasions. I didn\'t care about what happened to the bald dude\'s dead wives…give me my tit joke for the love of nipples!

Being that this is a rough-cut of the film, I found many moments in need of a good snip job as well. The ending for example takes way too much time to reach orgasm and some of the visual gags go on forever.

This is a cheesy movie that knows that it\'s cheesy. It has some funny moments, some bad visual effects (on purpose) and lots of hooter poking. The energy level of the film goes up and down like a hooker earning her pay, but I still kind of enjoyed this flick. Elvira is undoubtedly the glue that keeps this movie together. Her wits and her tits make it all worthwhile. Put your face between these…
This flick has one very surprising gory moment (I didn\'t see it coming) where a dude gets chopped in half by a pendulum. That\'s pretty much it.
Cassandra Petersen (Elvira) knows this part well and she\'s still on the ball after all these years playing it. Her deadpan delivery and her busom still deliver. Richard O\'Brien (Vladimere) has a blast here and he gives overacting a GOOD name…funny stuff. Mary Jo Smith (Zou Zou) does a decent job as the comic sidekick. I dug her. Scott Atkinson (Dr. Bradley Bradley) is \"on\" as the horny yet distinguished Doc. Mary Sheer (Ema) is ok as the sickly niece but her part is not too interesting. Heather Hopper (Roxanna) does bitch with a yeeatch tossed in there. Beeyatch! She grooves.
T & A
Elvira teases with the cleavage but never lets the cats out of the bag. Still fascinating to look at though…yum. The ladies get O\'Brien\'s sexy bald head…lucky them…
The directing is fairly basic but Irving does go ape shit on style when it comes to the flashbacks (lots of slow motion and image superimposition). We also get a fast motion bit (I always hate fast motion…it\'s never funny) that feels a tad cheap.
I can\'t comment on the score because it\'s not the one that will be used in the released film.
If you like Elvira, you\'ll get a few cheap kicks out of this one. The dark lady is still funny. If you don\'t know Elvira, I suggest you check out her first feature: \"Elvira Mistress Of The Dark\" instead. It\'s tighter, bigger and funnier than this one. If you hate Elvira…well, just don\'t bother because you probably won\'t dig this flick.
I saw this film at ComicCon 2001. Elvira wuz there. Someone asked her why it took so long for her second flick to get made. She basically said that the studios dicked her around and she finally decided to get Haunted Hills off the ground independently. U go girl!

The film wuz shot in Romania.