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Eye See You(2002)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jim Gillespie

Sylvester Stallone/Malloy
Charles Dutton/Hendrick
Robert Patrick/Noah
Tom Berenger/Hank
4 10
After living through a traumatizing experience at the hands of a mysterious serial killer, FBI Agent Malloy (Stallone) sinks into depression, hits the bottle and checks himself into a remote rehab center that caters specifically to law enforcement officers. Once there, his fellow 5.0. start getting knocked off one by one by an unknown assailant. Is the same “loony-tune” who pushed Malloy over the edge back for more bloody games? Whoever he is, he’s a damn disease and Stallone is the cure.
Being a HUGE Sylvester Stallone fan; I’ve been waiting for too long to see this still unreleased in North America wannabe slasher and now its finally here.\" Eye See You\" starts off with a worthy and powerful jab to the gut. The opening credits had me by the big toe with its SEVEN-like montage and its first plot turn (also shamelessly lifted from SEVEN) smacked me around like a scolded house pet. For the first half hour, I was sooooo into this flick; reeled in by the tragic events, the somber style and Stallone’s bang-on show as the undone officer. The Italian Stallion mucho impressed me here; I had never seen Sly tackle such a dark role and it was gnarly to see that his underrated acting chops were backing him up like a champ. Nice job, duder!

Sadly, all the sweetness that was the first block of the film got flushed down to the bottom of the shitter once the narrative hit the remote rehab clinic. First, I’d just like to say: WHAT KIND OF MORONIC CLINIC IS THIS? It has no security whatsoever (what if an officer snapped?), it’s in the middle of nowhere, it\'s run by Kris Kristofferson (you’re asking for trouble there!) and it looks like a depressive left over set from \"Alien 3\". Is this the kind of environment that will help cheer up suicidal, alcoholic, violent cops? Shite...in their shoes, I’d take one step in, absorb my surroundings and immediately proceed to blow my head off on the spot. Fuck that noise! To make matters worse, the events that unravel at the rehab come with heavy doses of plot holes, un-imagination and a very standard finale. But believe it or not, those are the least of this movie’s faults.

I don’t know who the hairy ape is that edited this sucker, or who had the last word as to what stayed in or hit the cutting room floor, but whoever is responsible for this mess should be gagged and mailed to Iraq for some chill time. What happened here? The multitudes of characters are introduced faster than you can say “hack job” and I got lost many \'o times, not knowing who was who. For a slasher to work, the basic rule is to, at least, clearly define the main players in the game! COME ON! What is this? Amateur night at the out-house? The lousy editing and the clumsy character development also resulted in some solid actors getting lost in the shuffle. Dina Meyer (Mary), Jeffrey Wright (Jaworski), Polly Walker (Jenny) and badass Robert Patrick (Noah) aren’t given jack-all to work with, and it was embarrassing to see them struggle with the non-existent material which they were given. They all deserved much better.

The flick also kept up with its premature ejaculation when it came to the progression of its action. It constantly and abruptly hopped into new directions and I never got the chance to adapt or let what had just gone on, sink in. In consequence, the flick never capitalized on the suspect game it could’ve played on us, the mystery or the suspense it should’ve had. There was potential in this storyline, clichéd potential, but potential nonetheless. The snow filled location and the wolf-in-the-fold formula could’ve given this flick a “The Thing” meets “The Shining”-like feel if handled properly. Too bad this baby was in such a hurry to drop its load. It just flew above every possibility and the only aspect that somewhat survived its quickie demeanor was the typical slasher elements.

And then there’s the missing frames. GRRRRRR! One second Sly is here, the next he’s locked in a room for some freaking reason. That kind of shite went down way too many times. It’s not polite to have the audience fill in the blanks to what is essentially a simple slasher. IT’S FUCKING RUDE! I saw over 12 minutes of deleted scenes on this DVD that pretty much gave the movie the missing pieces it needed. Sure, having those bits in the film wouldn’t have turned it into a masterpiece, but at least it would have made it coherent. Did the studio think that we couldn’t handle a “normal” pace? Did the editor go monkey on the cocaine? Was having this one clock in at less than 2 hours so important that “logic” and competent editing had to be thrown out the window? Whatever the case, there’s no excuse for this type of shite in a big budget (55 million) flick. Shame on you!

Any good things in this garbage can? Well, like I said earlier, Sly does punch in a very credible performance and is the main reason to see the film. I also dug the snowy location, the sometimes effective dread-filled atmosphere, the nod to “The Shining” (with the black cop) and some of the directing choices (loved those tinted blue flashbacks). I also will admit that the film fooled me with its whodunit. Call me a dumbass or a barfly but I was 100% sure the killer was this one person and he/she wound up being another. Unfortunately for me, once the killer was revealed; he/she became a caricatured pain in the ass. I was losing my marbles, thinking to myself: “if this clown says eye see you one more time, I’m going to knock on my neighbor’s door and kick HIS ass!”

In the end, \"Eye See You\" not only wound up being a routine, uninspired and derivative slasher, but a badly edited chop job to boot. I see an editor that will get fired. I see a film that will hit Blockbuster Video. I see Sly snapping his agent’s neck. I see Arrow burning this tape and going back to the Betty Ford Clinic. Eye see you!
We get a few goodies: night stick in the mouth, hangings, eyes scooped out, drill in the eye, severed head, impaling, stabbings and more!
Sylvester Stallone (Malloy) is the better actor here and gets the chance to display a darker side that I\'ve never seen him play before. Good stuff Sly! Charles Dutton (Hendrick) is competent as always, but his part isn’t all that. Robert Patrick (Noah) is wasted here playing the token jerk, but he does have one scene where he gets to break down and it worked! Nice stuff dude, you kept it for the close up. Tom Berenger (Hank) makes a fool of himself as a “slow” janitor who is solely there to be a suspect. Dude, you were in \"Platoon\"! Choose your roles more carefully! Is the mortgage on your house that high? Kris Kristofferson (Doc) does his junk yard dog thang. Whatever.
T & A
We get Stallone shirtless and yes ladies...he’s still hitting the gym. \"Rambo\" lives!
Gillespie still gets a bad rap for \"I Know What You Did Last Summer\" and I don’t get why. Sure, the movie was slasher fluff, but he didn’t write the damn thing! I found his directing skills in IKWYDLS to be decent with an axis towards mood. Gillespie also handles the visuals in \"Eye See You\" very well. We get lots of overhead shots, stylish flashbacks, slow motion and horror kool ambiance. The director is NOT always to blame for how a film comes out.
I dug the bleak and subtle score. We also get a few rock songs.
IMAGE: The Widescreen and Full screen image is sharp. clean and the colors are thankfully solid (lots of dark corners in here). Good stuff!.

SOUND: The English Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is bang on with the score, the dialogue and the sounds all coming in mucho clearly. We also get a French Dolby Digital and English/Spanish subtitles.


Deleted Scenes (~ 12 minutes): Here we find 8 deleted scenes that if included in the picture would\'ve fleshed out the characters and make the action make more damn sense. They should\'ve kept them into the movie. Solid feature.

Actor Interviews (~ 2 minutes each): Actors Charles Dutton, Kris Kristofferson, Polly Walker, Christopher Fulford, Robert Patrick, Robert Prosky, Courtney B Vance, Jeffery Wright and Angela Alvarado are all featured in their own individual on-set featurette where they talk about their characters, the story, why they took the part, the experience of the shoot and more! Its always interesting to me to see all these people with all these good intentions in regards to the film they\'re working on and to then see that its a flop. Just goes to show that nobody sets out to make a BAD film. This feature was an interesting listen but where the hell was Stallone and the Director in all of this. I would\'ve loved to have heard their thoughts on the film.

We also get the film\'s Trailer.

If you happen to like the movie its a so-so DVD axed on quality when it comes to its audio/visual but that could\'ve been better \"extras\" wise. Any kind of Stallone insight would\'ve made it a stronger disk. But then again any die hard fan of the Sly man should own it just to make that collection complete.
It’s a damn shame what happened to \"Eye See You\" and I’m actually pretty pissed off about the whole affair. Stallone’s performance is awesome and I can’t believe it got wasted in this tepid offering. The visuals are there, the kills are ok and the intrigue could’ve been the money, but in the end the film shoots itself in the cranium by relying on dumb coincidences, badly developed characters and clichéd happenings to drive its story. Wrap all that in a frustrating and amateurish editing job and you get a waste of celluloid life. Having enjoyed both “Driven” and “Get Carter”, this is for me, Sly’s first real stumble. But I still love the lad; don’t let this overly tinkered with turkey get you down Sly...I didn’t hear a bell yet! “Get up, you son of a bitch!”
This flick was initially supposed to come out on February 18th, 2000 in North America. Universal Studios then dropped the project and Blockbuster picked up the US distribution rights.

It\'s also known as \"The Outpost\", “Detox\" and \"D-Tox\".