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Fright Night remake(2011)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Craig Gillespie

Anton Yelchin/Charley
Colin Farrell/Jerry
David Tennant/Peter
Imogen Poots/Amy
6 10
Pussy whipped Charlie (Anton Yelchin) finds out really early on that his neighbor is a vampire. So he teams up with famous illusionist Peter Vincent (David Tennant) in the name of protecting his women (his mom and his squeeze) and ridding the world of the fanged nuisance.
The original FRIGHT NIGHT is a personal favorite of mine; granted watching it today it reeks of 80’s kitsch, but that is part of its charm. I sank my fangs into it again recently and it still held up like a sturdy horror classic should. So before I dive in; let me get this out of the way: I know the original Fright Night by heart; I know its editing cuts, its musical beats, its dialogue, its shots…I f*cking know that film like the back of my ball-sack. So while clocking this modern replica; yes, I had to struggle to keep the original out of my noggin and take this one on its own. I will do my best to judge this remake as if it was a stand alone. Wish me luck!

As the end credits rolled, I couldn’t deny that the Fright Night remake gave me a cheap, good time at the movies. The directing style was energetic and in your face, the cinematography was pretty to look at (love them sunrise/sunset shots), suspense was on hand, the flick had an almost THE TERMINATOR attitude, the gore was ample and the practical/CG enhanced vampire designs were fun freaking stuff; often nodding the designs found in the original. NOTE: Too much CG blood for my liking though. Moreover; I dug the well choreographed action bits, the new ideas it brought to the table, the isolated Vegas setting (which made for a visually striking and interesting location choice as to the story), lots of the comedy worked on my simpleton self and the winks at its forefather were appreciated. At the end of the stake in the undead heart though; it was the cast that gave this one that extra oomph.

Anton Yelchin was ideal casting as Charley, David Tennant was at his hilariously flamboyant, cussing best as Peter “Criss Angel wannabee” Vincent, Toni Collette took a nothing role and jacked it to a higher level with her talent/charm and Imogen Poots looked yum and totally sold her part of Amy. What about Collin Farrell? Well, he stole the show. His “Jerry” was different than the one in the original, less suave, more of an obvious villain from the get-go, but was still compelling to watch nonetheless. I relished every scene the dude was in and got off on how he was mucho aware of his surroundings and so involved in the situations that he improvised with them (loved his cat-hiss at the sunlight, that cracked me up). And every time he called somebody “guy” I was slapping my knee, cause that’s what I do on the odd day, I slap my knee. Go with it, nobody gets hurt. Farrell had fun with the role and I had fun watching him have fun. Make sense? It surely helped that the cast shared an electrifying chemistry together and that the dialogue they had to spit out was clever and amusing hence arming them with the required ammo to blow the house down.

Alas; it wasn’t all roses in “Copy/Paste Fright Night” land. The chain of events didn’t feel organic and were often rushed, I almost fell in a couple of plot holes (it seems they have the most ineffectual and blind cops ever in Vegas) and the ending was not as satisfying as it should have been. My biggest peeve with this one though was actually the character of Evil Ed; how he was used and interpreted. What a waste! First, Christopher Mintz-Plasse made for a grating nerd. Every time he popped onscreen, I couldn’t wait for him to book out. Second, hearing him yap was like listening to Freddy Krueger claw his finger knives on a chalk board. Yup, his dialogue sucked ass, felt phony and simply nauseated me. Third; his role in the story was fairly pointless to say the least. Can you spell underdeveloped? This Evil Ed can! I actually think this Fright Night would have been stronger without Ed; he was mishandled big time and when onscreen, all he did was drag the movie down. As for the 3D? It was okay, better than the Post Conversion 3D shite in say CONAN that’s for sure. The backdrops looked awesome in 3D, blood splashed out the screen and so did sharp objects. So it did enhance the experience to some degree, but nothing to f*ck your ex in the ass about.

I sat, saw and had a good time with the Fright Night remake. Did it hold a candle to the original? Nope, but it winged its own healthy doses of chuckles and splattertainment. It’s a perfect flick to watch with a bunch of buds and a cheap beer buzz under your breath. But a movie that will survive the test of time? That people will remember? No dice. Welcome to FRIGHT NIGHT…almost for real…
We get chopped off limbs, lots of nasty cuts, grisly bites, vamps burning up, stake damage and mucho red splashes coming at ya in 3D. Good times!
T & A
We get some cleavage and a nice pair of buns (in undies) courtesy of…
Let me put it to you this way; the original FRIGHT NIGHT was a fine dame that you court, wine, dine and then screw. This remake was the hoe in the short skirt, with no panties on, that you bend over in a toilet stall and plow away right after saying “Hey my name is “fill in name”. What’s yours?” ZIPPPP! The flick looked sleek, had lots of funny lines/situations, gored it the f*ck up (too much CG though), sported an amazing lead cast (Farrell… mate…you owned it) and had enough nods to the original to please the fans. Alas the narrative structure was slap dash, plot holes were in the house and Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Evil Ed was this one’s main cancer. Mishandled, too slim to matter and uber McIrritating. All in all a decent time at the movies, am happy I saw it, had fun, but I’ll forget the bulk of it within a week.
The screenplay was written by Marti Noxon, who also wrote I Am Number 4.

Craig Gillespie also directed Mr. Woodcock (2007).

Look out for a groovy cameo by a cast member from the original Fright Night. The crowd I was with cheered when he/she showed up. And yes I was one of them.