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Ghostbusters reboot(2016)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Paul Feig

Kristen Wiig/Erin
Melissa McCarthy/Abby
Kate McKinnon/Jillian
Leslie Jones/Patty
6 10
Ghosts are unleashed upon New York and it's up to four Ghost-busting ladies to clean house!

I can’t say I was too excited about this GHOSTBUSTERS reboot for a variety of reasons. 1- All I wanted was a Ghostbusters 3 with the same cast – I waited eons for it to happen, we came close (damn you Bill Murray for not going along with it), but then bam, got stuck with this reboot instead (the passing of Ghostbusters writer and star Harold Ramis helped make that happen). 2- Kristen Wigg aside, I didn’t think much of the cast they had assembled. Jones and McKinnon were unknowns to me and I’ve never been a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s “schtick”, so yeah I wasn’t won over. 3- The trailers for the film simply fell flat, that’s until a couple of late ones hit home laughs wise, but for a while there, I simply didn’t give a bleep about this movie. So I finally saw the thing. Was it the abomination so many thought it would be?

Nah, it was all right! Your enjoyment of this film will rely heavily on your sense of humor and if it gels with the one the film pimps (i.e. juvenile). Luckily for me, it did (I'm an immature f*ck) starting with the cast! I’m a huge fan of Kristen Wiig and she came through here once again with her novel mix of awkward and sexy. On her end, a "played down" Melissa McCarthy did just fine as the ying to Wiig’s yang. As for Leslie Jones; I didn’t think her “yelling thing" would get me (as it didn’t in the trailer) but it killed me in the flick. Well done baby girl! The ladies also shared a wonderful chemistry together much like the lads did in the original films - hence all good! And Chris Hemsworth “dumb blonde” role/performance was the cherry on top! Dude had me in stitches! All about them photographs of him with that saxophone… lol! I was on the floor. NOTE: I’ll address Kate McKinnon down below. The flick itself rolled on fast, was filled with sight gags that hit and missed, sported polished visuals, cool gadgets and fans of the original will be well served when it comes to winks at the 1984 classic that started it all. Finally, the VFX was pretty badass throughout. I loved some the creature designs and the execution was on the money!

On the flipside; there wasn’t much of a story here. Think more a handful of beats from the original tossed at us instead (along with one hell of a sad sack villain played by Neil Casey) and they just connected the dots. Now I wasn’t expecting Shakespearean level of depth or anything, but even for a film of this ilk, it was too fluffy for my liking. I miss the attention to storytelling that we had in the 80’s as opposed to ADD now. Just compare how the 1984 original went about its narrative with this one and you’ll get my drift. And what the hell was Kate McKinnon smoking on this set? Some have praised her bold performance and I guess there’s something to be stabbed about the chances she took; but for me, NO DICE. It came off as if she she didn’t have a defined role on paper, hence she just went buck nuts with odd actions, all kinds of mugging for the camera and did whatever she felt like doing - cause she could. Very odd. Too odd. Lastly the middle section kind of lost some of its steam and I caught myself laughing less – nothing critical but it had to be elbow dropped.

PS: The Fall Out Boy/Missy Elliott cover of the classic "Ghostbusters" theme song was EASILY one of the worst covers and songs ever invented... period! I am surprised there hasn’t been any suicides over it just yet. Somebody should have called Ray Parker Jr. to steer them in the right direction. Awful!

PPS: If you're gonna have original cast members from the original GHOSTBUSTERS in the house - how about you have them play their actual roles? Annoyed me.

So on the whole, I got some easy kicks out of PAUL FEIG’s GHOSTBUSTERS. It paled in comparison to the original but that was to be expected. I laughed and had a decent time at the movies - all I wanted from this one.

VFX ghosts was as far as this one went!
T & A
GHOSTBUSTERS was a (too) light and amusing ride! It had a strong ensemble cast that made it all work, bang on jokes/sight gags, top notch VFX/visuals, slick gadgets and enough winks at the original film to please! Alas the story was way too thin, even for this kind of movie, Kate McKinnon's performance was all over the map and stood out in a bad way (for me that is - the f*ck I know), laughs got low during the middle act and that Fallout Boy/Missy Elliot cover was simply abysmal. On that I enjoyed it enough to see it again at home in the future and yes I'd be down for a sequel. What's your take?
Dan Aykroyd's concept for a third Ghostbusters had to do with the Ghostbusters traveling to a hell like New York within an alternate reality.

The flick had a budget of $154 million dollars (WTF?!?)

Emma Stone turned down a role in the film.