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Godzilla 2000(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Takao Okawa

Takehiro Murata/Shinoda
Naomi Nishida/Yuki
Mayu Suzuki/Lo
Shiro Sano/Miayasaka
4 10
Godzilla is chilling in Tokyo, breaking stuff until some UFO drops by and invades his turf. The saucer has the scientists baffled (a dead hamster would baffle these guys) but Godzilla is not a cerebral kind of lizard. He likes to settle conflicts the old fashioned way…with a good smack of the tail.
Before I start my review I’d like to say that I am not fan of Hong Kong Godzilla flicks in general. There I said it, read at your own risk. Bad story, awful lines (my favorites: \"we all have a bit of Godzilla in us\" or \"Holy Caesars ghost!\"), putrid acting and so bad they’re amusing effects. I won’t mince words, the only reason to see this flick is to laugh at it. I will admit, I was sometime impressed by the imagination of the film (Godzilla being attacked by phone live wires or the slick UFO) but overall for me this was a big waste of time. If I want to see bad plot points (like the little girl who begs Yuki to go rescue her dad but when they get there she stops her from going….why did you bring her in the first place???) I’ll go watch another slasher flick.

Yes, seeing grown men dressed up in lizard costumes fighting is funny stuff but I could see the same thing if watch I \"wrestling\" on TV. The \"this so bad it’s good\" stuff is just not my cup of tea. Where’s Matthew Broderick when you need him?
Nothing if you don’t count broken buildings. I will say that Godzilla’s foe has a mouth that resembles an anus though…is that gore?
Takehir Murata does funny faces, Naomi Nishida pouts a lot, Mayu Suzuki is no different than American kid actresses, she’s annoying. Shiro Sano looks like Christopher Walken but can’t act. Hiroshi Abe has one facial expression…stone…
T & A
Godzilla shows his tail.
A few nice shots here and there but mostly point and shoot.
An overblown score that oozes with emotion…urgh.
Watching my dog sniff another dog is more fun that this. I just don’t get the appeal. Godzilla doesn’t even eat anybody! He just barks a lot and wobbles around…snore…The characters can’t stop preaching (\"what man doesn’t understand, he must destroy\") and the actors are awful. I will admit the dubbing doesn’t help (ever heard of subtitles), but that’s half the problem…the other half is lack of conviction. I know I missed the point, the gag, the whole joke….but after seeing this flick…I really don’t want to get it.
The US version of Godzilla was one of the highest grossers in Japan 1998.