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Written by: The Arrow
Director: John Carpenter

Jamie Lee Curtis/Laurie Strode
Donald Pleasence/Sam Loomis
Nick Castle/Michael Myers
Nancy Kyes/Annie
10 10
Michael Myers (The Shape), an unstoppable, soulless, murderer escapes an insane asylum and returns to his hometown (Haddonfield) where he killed his sister as a boy on Halloween night years ago. Once there, he dons a white mask, gets a huge butcher knife and fixates on babysitter Laurie Strode (Curtis) with every intentions of slaughtering her…but he has to go through some of her friends first. Determined Dr. Sam Loomis (Pleasence) who treated our confused boy is breathing down his neck, trying to prevent anymore murders. This is a Halloween no one will forget.
From the dark \"pumpkin\" opening credits, I knew I was in for something special. The first 10 minutes where the director puts us behind the eyes of the killer are sheer brilliance and what follows is an atmospheric, simple, subtle thriller with a ambiguous ending. This movie has many daytime scenes, where Michael stalks our heroine and those scenes are chilling to say the least. If you’re not safe from Michael Myers in the daytime, you’re doomed when the sun goes down. For me The Shape is more than a robotic killer (I’m not talking about him in the sequels) he’s all the evil energy that’s in the air compassed into one being. He can be anywhere and everywhere, day or night, you’re never safe… Once he arrives in Haddonfield, Michael’s presence seems to swallow the town…he’s death on two legs and he’s ready to strike. Halloween night belongs to him…trick or treat kids!!!
Very light, but you don\'t need gore when you have pure, unfiltered terror.
Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) is dead on and has great lungs. She owns the title of top scream queen hands down. She’s also an excellent actress. Donald Pleasence (Loomis) gives a focused and engaging performance. It also helps that the dialogue he has is very well written. Nancy Kayes (Annie) gives an OK performance surpassed by the exquisite shape of her bootie. John Michael Graham (Bob) and P.J. Soles (Lynda) are both very annoying to the eyes and ears, lucky for us they annoy Michael too and he takes care of them quickly…thanks Mike…I owe you one…
T & A
P.J. Soles showcases her knockers, too bad her constant giggling and airhead posturing consumes most of our attention…yes, a nice pair of tits might pass you by…
Masterful. Daytime never looked more dangerous. Carpenter takes the time to set up the locations where all the mayhem will ensue. He also unravels them before our eyes again once the carnage is over…genius. Most of the kill scenes are very suspenseful filled with style (loved the car scene...) Great use of lighting and shadows. Very moody with rain, lightning, Michael’s white peering face and the way Carpenter uses sounds to amplify the importance of certain moments is exquisite.
One of the best scores ever put to a genre film. It consists of piano and synthesizer. Its a very simplistic score and is one of the films strongest elements.
This movie isn’t without its faults. Annie (Kyes) splashes a few drops of something on her shirt while cooking and proceeds to strip down to her underwear?!? Also who has a washer and dryer outside and far away from the house, kind of inconvenient. But those \"slasher flick\" inconsistencies are quickly ignored. Halloween has a simple plot, simple soundtrack and proves that sometimes simplicity can be as strong or even stronger then a movie with too many things going on. (Example: part 6 links Michael with druids and devil worshippers…what the f..k?!!) Many people condemn the horror genre, saying it’s dumb and overly violent. Well if those people don\'t see art in Halloween, then they’re blind and missing out on the best slasher film along side the original Friday The 13th. Their loss. Our gain.
Nick Castle (Michael) went to film school with Carpenter. He helped co-write \"Escape From New York\" and directed \"The Boy Who Could Fly\" and \"The Last StarFighter\" (I loved both those movies when I was a kid.)

Funny how the movie the kids are watching on TV (the original The Thing) was later on remade perfectly by Carpenter. How\'s that for foretelling…

The Shape mask is supposedly a \"William Shatner\" mask they painted white…scary…

Donald Pleasence passed away after completing part 6. RIP.