Laurie Strode’s house from Halloween up for sale

Laurie Strode’s house from the original Halloween is up for sale. Clotheslines in the backyard are not included.

Halloween house

Just in time to start getting ready for trick or treaters, Laurie Strode’s house from 1978’s Halloween is up for sale. No, it’s not being handled through Strode Realty…

Of course, the Strode residence isn’t even close to being as iconic as the Myers house – which got plenty of attention in John Carpenter’s film for being the site of the brutal killing of Judith Myers at the hand of six-year-old Michael – but it does still have one of Halloween’s eeriest scenes when Laurie sees Michael standing outside of her window amidst clothesline. Nor does it have the allure of the Wallace house, where teens were strangled and stabbed to death. In other words, this isn’t exactly the kind of crib you’re going to find at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. The house has such little screen time that the official listing doesn’t even bother to make mention of Halloween, even though that would catch the eye of potential buyers.

For those looking for a South Pasadena residence that’s currently vacant (see, it’s a little scary…), Laurie Strode’s house is listed for $1.79 million, which is around six times the budget of Halloween. At 5,200+ square feet, the house offers three units so you and all of your babysitter friends can share the property and keep an eye out for escapees in William Shatner masks. It is also within walking distance to shops…maybe there’s a hardware store down the road?

As Laurie Strode (and so many others, such as her characters in Prom Night and Terror Train), Jamie Lee Curtis established herself as one of the greatest scream queens in horror movie history. She would go to play the character seven times, concluding her run with David Gordon’s Green trilogy just last year. Ahead of the final chapter, aptly titled Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee Curtis said, “I think it will be the last time that I will play [the character]….I’m talking about emotionally what they have constructed. I think it will be a spectacular way to end this trilogy.”

Which horror movie residence would you like to own? What’s the defining feature that would sell you on the property? Give us your pick in the comments section below!

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