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It Follows(2015)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: David Robert Mitchell

Maika Monroe/Jay
Jake Weary/Jeff
Keir Gilchrist/Paul
Lili Sepe/Kellie
8 10
After sleeping with her new beau, young hottie Jay (Maika Monroe) learns that she is now haunted by a slowwwwwwww-poke entity that follows her around, wanting to kill her (if only “it” knew how to run). The only way for her to get rid of “it” is to fornicate with somebody else and pass “it” off to them! Nothing a rubber couldn’t have solved!
IT FOLLOWS came with all kinds of hype tagged to its heart shaped ass being that everybody has been blowing loads all over it as if it were Jenna Jameson’s face! So was it as good as everybody says it was? Read on! IT FOLLOWS was a sly throwback horror romp that tipped its hat to the slasher movies of old (late 70’s and 80’s), namely JOHN CARPENTER’S HALLOWEEN (more on that later). Although they didn’t set a date as to WHEN the story was taking place; there were no cell phones (how refreshing) here, nobody wore rubbers when “bumping uglies” and I caught at least one station wagon in there i.e. probably set in the freaking 80’s. ALL GOOD! 

The first thing that struck me about IT FOLLOWS was its minimalist yet mucho infectious visual style! Director David Robert Mitchell’s captured the sinister vibe the suburbs could have in a similar fashion than John Carpenter did with Halloween. Lots of wide shots, slow tracking shots/push-ins and often enough, the set pieces were shot in the daytime. And when you tag to the eerie imagery the excellent and unsettling Tangerine Dream-ish meets Carpenter synth score by Disasterpeace (get it here) you get one hell of a powerful one-two punch that kept me riveted to the screen. Truly a visceral combo made in hell. Then we had the nature of “it which fascinated me. You see here as opposed to some dude in a mask chasing peeps with a kitchen knife, IT FOLLOWS killer was an “it” that walked very slowly (almost Zombie style) and that could look like anybody aka usually a naked dude or chick, an elderly person or a dame with a one or two tits popping out. Yeah you heard me! The oddness/mystery of its threat jacked the oppressive vibe of the piece and I hope that if there’s ever a sequel they won’t go and ruin things by trying to explain “it”. Don’t do it! Look how well that served Michael Myers…

The last potent bullet in this one’s clip would be its solid cast led by Scream Queen on the rise Maika Monroe who much like in THE GUEST elevated the material by her sheer presence alone. Although the secondary cast came off as “real” teenagers and held their own (Jake Weary freaking rocked it, more of him would have been swell), this was Monroe’s show through and though. Strength, vulnerability, sexiness, charisma, you name it, the lass has it and in spades at that! She gave me a lead gal to root for, even when the character’s acrtions were questionable. Now before I launch the back-end, let me address the film’s themes over here. I was very much aware that the movie was going deeper than the surface as it trucked along. This baby was all about being a metaphor for teens’ loss of innocence (which I why the camera kept ducking the parents) in terms of sex and his/her mortality and the need to rectify it to some degree through procreation (that’s what I saw anyways, I may be talking out of my ass). On a lesser level, I also perceived it as being an analogy to an STD, but the picture went too out of it way with symbolic imagery galore (all kinds of artsy Ingmar Bergman-esque shots with “deep” meanings here) for it to JUST be about that. IT FOLLOWS had something “profound to say but to be honest with yall, I didn’t give two shits about it. I just enjoyed this one as a strange and unnerving horror movie, that’s it, that’s all. But if you’re looking for more than that to chew on, it is here, just look for it and you shall find.

Any drawbacks? Some. The film wasn’t as scary as it should have been and it had a couple of plot holes here and there with the most glaring one being “How did the initial carrier of the movie know all of the rules?” Did “it” tell him as it was stalking him? Didn’t he say it was a one-night stand and he didn’t even know the girl’s name? Yeah that one just popped at me. But I let it go, hey, it’s a movie. Moreover, for a movie about "sex" it sure loved to show its leads having sex with clothes on (laughed at them magically disappearing Jeans). Kind of took away from it. My biggest peeve though was that at around one hour and twenty minutes, the film was pretty much done for me, and the remaining 20 minutes were conveyed in a “we’re almost out of steam” type of way. Now I wasn’t sitting in a corner cutting myself in agony while watching them final 20 minutes, they were still engaging, but they certainly did not have the momentum that the first hour and twenty minute had. Lastly; there was one scene (our heroine goes in the water towards dudes on a boat) that had zero point to it.  I have my ideas as to WHY it was there, but the bit brought nothing to the story, hence why have it in there in the first place…  right? I knew you’d agree with me.

Even with its minor flaws in its trunk, IT FOLLOWS came through and then some! It took the slasher wheel we all know and love so damn well and spun it in a different way to deliver something that came off as fresh, earnest and rousing. Follow this one!
We get some blood sprays (CG that is) and one chick’s body doing a Pretzel impression and that was pretty much it. More axed on tension than gore.
T & A
There was a lot of nudity from the "it". Am talking a chick fully nude from far and the random bobbie (s) popping out. The ladies and gay gents get an old dude fully nude from afar pimping out a mammoth dick bush. Enjoy!
IT FOLLOWS took the slasher story template and did its own thing on top of it. The flick made for a surreal audio/visual feast, was well paced, it sported one hell of likeable heroine in Maika Monroe (This generation's Jamie Lee Curtis? I said it!), a handful of edgy sequences and enough chills to fill your horror glass to the top. Yup, there were a couple of plot holes, the film wasn’t as frightening as I thought it could be and the last 20 minutes lost some zest when compared to what preceded it but overall IT FOLLOWS hit the H spot and delivered! It was exactly the kind of horror film I would love to see on the big screen instead of lobotomized genre CRAP like OUIJA and the LAZARUS EFFECT, but alas, it seems that big screen horror is often enough (see how I covered my ass there) reserved for garbage. See this one this weekend!
David Robert Mitchell got the idea for the film via a recurring nightmare he used to have: a stalker walking slowly towards him.

Maika Monroe will next been seen in the Western Echoes of War (2015).