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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Doron Paz
Yoav Paz

Yael Grobglas/Rachel
Yon Tumarkin/Kevin
Danielle Jadelyn/Sarah
Tom Graziani/Omar
5 10
Two hot chicks (Yael Grobglas and Danielle Jadelyn) hit up Jerusalem. Alas their visit coincides with one of the gates of hell opening up and demons running amuck. Talk about bad timing!

JERUZALEM caught my attention off the bat due to two reasons. 1- It’s set in the Holy city of Jerusalem. I have an utter fascination with anything having to do with Christianity and its history – they had me right there with that angle. 2- It seemed like it was gonna do something different, which is always welcomed in terms of the horror genre. As we all know ll too well, it has a tendency to repeat itself. So did the film live up to the promise of its initial premise? Alas, not for me. But like I always, what the f*ck do I know? This is just my opinion. My take for what it’s worth!

On the upside; JERUZAELM made the most of its found footage angle. Yes this was yet another a “verite” shaky cam opus, one that was communicated (often slyly) via “smart glasses” this time around i.e. think IGlass i.e. the most useless creation ever IMO. The filmmakers milked the gimmick for all that it was worth; hence adding a very now “feel” to the typical proceedings. I won’t lie, I often thought: “Yo baby girl! Take off the glasses already and just enjoy where the f*ck you’re at instead of surfing Facebook” but that was the old man in me talking. I just don’t get this whole “must be plugged in 27/7” society we now live in – they can keep it! But I digress. The novel setting was maximized too. Hard to go wrong when shooting in such a diverse city as Jerusalem. The old churches, the ominous caves, the creepy alleyways; we got the works here. Finally, the special effects were pretty groovy (loved the demon design – not sure about that “don’t blink you’ll miss him” King Kong baddie though) and the teenage girls (ideally played by Danielle Jadelyn and Yael Grobbas) were portrayed in a realistic and grounded fashion, for better and for worse. NOTE: The rest of the cast fared well too with Yon Tumarkin and Tom Graziani rocking it.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t find the ride scary… like at all. They had the groovy creatures, but they weren’t part of the action enough (budget limitations) to make an impression. Also, lets do the SHAKY CAM boogie every time something horrific happens does not equal frightening – headache inducing on the other hand – YES. Moreover, what I thought would be a novel narrative taking account the initial premise and the unique setting wound up being more of the same just under another dress. Think the Zombie subgenre with a pinch of The Descent for good measures. They didn’t milk the religious source of their story that's for sure. And was I alone in being annoyed by the frequent dumb characters move/reactions to serve the plot? For example, these people didn’t blink when they saw their first demon. No disbelief, no wow factor, nothing. I don’t know about you, but if I saw a demon, my eyes would widen, my jaw would drop and I’d be losing my shit! Come on man!

Lastly the lead gal had some graiting moments, which lessened her likeability factor. She kept repeating the same things over and over again and you could always depend on her on making LOTS OF NOISE by way of her YELPING hence constantly attracting the demons towards the group. THANKS GIRLFRIEND! I cussed at the screen out loud a couple of times – not good (note to self: get a life). So there you have it! I was half/half on Jeruzalem. Will you be? Tap its demon ass and find out!

Some blood. All that I remember to be honest.
T & A
Nothing overt, but that girl on her knees in front of the dude wearing the IGlasses was hot stuff. Them glasses would be ideal for porn.
JERUZALEM had a groovy backdrop (the city of Jerusalem) and lore (gates of hell opening), a credible cast, some stand out demon visual effects and an at times gnarly way of telling its story (IGlasses). Unfortunately for me, the shaky-cam stuff killed the suspense, our heroine did dumb moves and was often grating and although the (religious) setting and ideas behind the madness were novel, the REC/THE DESCENT like chain of events was of the been there done that to death variety. On that, I seem to be in the minority in not having loved this one to pieces. So check it out and come debate me in the comment section below!
The film is getting a limited theatrical release in North America on January 22, 2016.