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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Duncan Jones

Sam Rockwell/Sam
Kevin Spacey/Gerty
Dominique McElligott/Tess
7 10
An Astronaut (Rockwell) working on the moon solo (if you don’t count the talking computer Gerty that’s there to assist him) is harvesting helium-3 and sending it back to earth (we got a power problem in the future it seems). But when he gets into an accident on the planet surface and then wakes up in the station, things get a little screwy. That’s all I’ll say.

The last place you'd ever expect to find yourself

The second I saw the trailer for MOON, I knew it was right up my alley. It reeked of SOLARIS (remake) meets 2001 with an astounding score (in the trailer that is) that against the norm, actually wound up BEING IN the film. Clint Mansel, will you ever do wrong in my book? Requiem for a Dream , The Fountain, my feature one day and now this beauty…nope…looks like you’ll always bang it silly in every hole and put out emotional and vice grip music. The man is a genius!

As for the film itself, MOON was an engaging character study, somewhat of a reflection on the question that is “what makes us human”. And what an incredible showcase for actor Sam Rockwell this was! He tackled multitude roles in such an earnest and convincing fashion that I easily could’ve thought that different actors played them. Yup, quite the one man show! I wonder if the groovy conversations Rockwell had with the A.I (voiced by Kevin Spacey) were done on set or if Spacey's voice was added after? Either way it worked wonders and then cum! Moreover, the pace of the flick flowed effortlessly, the set up was gripping and when the first curve ball was tossed my way… well… at first I didn’t know what to think. You see I had my own expectations as to what this sucka was gonna be about and when it became about something else I had mixed feeling about it.

With that stabbed, once I let go of my expectations, I got sucked into this one’s vortex hardcore and wasn’t let out till the end credits rolled. This one’s simple yet clever screenplay made for a sturdy back-bone. Character and situational driven, I felt so much throughout this watch; I was shocked, touched (that I just want to go home to my wife shite had me), surprised and affected. Topple on top of that striking prod design (specially for a film of its budget), an idea of the future that wasn’t so farfetched, hence I managed to relate to it and a couple of twists that I saw coming but that still succeeded in not only tugging at my heart strings but at hammering them down to the ground and you get a little keeper. What an indie flick SHOULD be.

On the downside; even with the novel storyline in tow, once the first twist kicked in the chain of events wound up being quite predictable. I second guessed the whole thing across the board. The flick also struggled with its budget now and again as I picked up where it cut around either lack of footage or lack of coin. And I gotta say it the last frames kind of let me down. They communicated what they communicated — but I wanted the film TO SHOW ME, not to tell me. Result: I was left not left fully fulfilled. That aside, if you boogie to Sci Fi films with an existential penchant and want to see a stand out actor destroy the screen with his talent this MOON may be for you.

We get cuts, bruises, blood and some unhealthy vomiting.
T & A
If Sam Rockwell’s ass counts for ya, then dig in! Too bad Dominique McElligott kept that bra on…quite the hottie
MOON was not what I thought it would be, but once I let go of that jive, I had a rock solid good time none the less. Strong story, emotionally charged, potent prod designs, an incredible score, a couple of sly twists and a bang on performance by Sam Rockwell — ALL GOOD! Sure, it could’ve benefited of a bigger budget and predictability kicked in for the last block but all in all I recommend you take a trip on this MOON and when I say trip I mean trip out yo!
Director Duncan Jones is David Bowie's son.

The film was shot in 33 days.

The exterior moon scenes were done via practical effects. No CGI here.