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Mother's Day(2010)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Darren Bousman

Jaime King/Beth
Rebecca De Mornay/Mother
Shawn Ashmore/George
Patrick John Flueger/Ike
8 10
After a mucked robbery three brothers head back home to find refuge at their hot Momma's (Rebecca De Mornay) house. But when they get there they find a group of strangers kicking it in their basement instead. Yup, momma lost the house, new peeps moved in and the brothers are not happy. And once mommy eventually joins the party..ummm...yeah. “Mama said Knock you out!” BAM!
I've never pinned down the original Charles Kaufman directed (yup the brother of Troma guru Lloyd Kaufman ) MOTHER'S DAY (1980), so I came into this remake with a clean slate, not knowing what to expect. And at the end of it all I came out owned by this lean, mean, horror machine. It is a statement to the film's effectiveness on me that I saw it at midnight screening, tired beyond belief, and that at the end of it, I came out of there with a hefty, knock them back hard ,second wind. I was feeling good!

MOTHER'S DAY took no time in shoving me in hell. To be frank, the initial rushed manner in which the film unleashed its narrative took me aback at first; I was like “What the f*ck!!!”. But the hooks were dug deep none the less and once I adapted to the furious rhythm of the picture, I was all good. I relished how the film didn't really flesh out its peeps off the bat. I got to know them as the clock ticked forward. They were defined by circumstances and via the tidbits of info that were tossed out here and there. That approach kept me on my toes and I dug that the most. The film's unapologetic mean streak rubbed me the right way as well; I mean this movie got off on making people do VERY BAD things and it rarely shied away from SHOWING the bloody goods that ensued. There's one scene in particular having to do with an ATM machine (all I'll say) that freaking back-handed me like Ike Turner on steroids. And trust me when I spit this; that was one scene out of many. Every time I thought the film couldn't go further with its display of human ugliness, it would..and not in the usual black and white manner either; many of the actions in the films and even the characters were laced in a compelling shade of gray. The good guys had a value system, the bad guys had a value system and at times, I wasn't sure whom to root for being that everybody randomly had valid angles.

Which bring me to the actors in the film, without them, this sucka wouldn't have worked being that its a people driven tale. We got some STAND OUT displays here with Rebecca De Mornay giving the performance of her career. Like seriously, she commanded the screen every time she was on it, I was simply mesmerized. Scary yet sympathetic and still incredibly sexy, De Mornay stole the show at every turn and in a fair world Oscar would knock on her door to say: "Wassup can I kiss your feet? Here's a statue!" I wish she was my Momma... meow! And the same can be yapped about Jaime King who put out an emotionally charged and intense show. She went all out and then some. Huge props! Both these dames rocked it! My other top players would have to be cutie pie Deborah Ann Woll as the timid sister who evoked mucho sympathy out of me, Shawn Ashmore who played it low key and focused and charismatic Brad Pitt dead ringer Patrick Flueger who came across as the more layered and dare I say sane of the brothers. Add to that director Darren Bousman showing further maturity behind the camera (more static shots than Bousman's past work and I loved them titled angles), moments of high tension that had me on the edge of my edge and cool plot twists that ruined me and you get one of the best and most visceral horror films I have seen this year thus far.

On the downside; I felt that some of the characters did trivial moves to serve the plot now and again. Nothing too severe but there's at least one scene that had me yelping in my noggin “Come on guys! Think dammit think and do the smart thing!”. The final mano et mano cat fight also let me down a tad. Don't get me wrong the oomph was there and I was all up in there, involved to the max; but the camera was too shaky for me, I could register only half of what was going down. Finally, I was not 100% sold on the last frames, I saw what the film was going for, I was just not sure that it fully worked...for my sorry ass anyways. On the whole though, MOTHER'S DAY whooped me silly and then some with its talent behind and in front of the camera, its more deep than the norm approach and its big set of bull dog balls. Happy Mother's Day mothertruckers!
When the film got cracking, man does it got nasty. We get a stab in the neck, stab in the crotch, crushed fingers, a bullet in the head, a blown up head, yucky surgery and more!
T & A
We got bra and panties, but other than that the nips stayed cloaked; kind of surprising if ya think about it (or if I think about it, being that I am such a horn-dog); you would think a film of this ilk would put out the melons and carpet to match its extreme violent nature.
MOTHER'S DAY came at me hard and ran me over like a horror freight train. The flick just wouldn't stop pummeling the shit out of me and at the end of it, i was a better man for it. Solid acting all around (with De Mornay knocking it out of the park), a grab by the collar pace, an engaging visual style, tension galore and a knack at shoving the boundaries in a coffin and setting it aflame, MOTHER'S DAY was the real deal. Granted, some character moves didn't fare well with me, one fight scene was too shaky for my liking and I'm still on the fence with the cap-off, but on the whole...wow...what a movie! After my screening I noticed something; people loved it or hated it; yup it seems Bousman has another one of those on his hands, like he did with Repo. Hope yall dig it as much as I did! Arrow out!
The screenplay was written by newcomer Scott Milam.

Look out for Final Destination 2 star AJ Cook is a small yet pivotal role.

SAW 3 J. Larose's makes an appearance in the film.