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Nature's Grave(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jamie Blanks

James Caviezel/Peter
Claudia Karvan/Carla
7 10
A bickering couple goes camping and starts dis-respecting mother nature via their actions - mother nature doesn't appreciate much and she's on the rag - hence she bites back hard!

Don't mess with Mother Nature

Sometimes I just want to be entertained man. You know, park my ass in a theatre seat, switch the noggin on low drive, forget my worries and enjoy the show. I was in the mood for that jive today and thankfully Jamie Blanks' NATURE'S GRAVE gave me just what I craved. An hour and a half of scares, laughs and surprises. Thank you! Mucho appreciated.

NATURE'S GRAVE is a remake of Colin Eggleston's 1978 Australian film LONG WEEKEND and from what I hear it stays pretty close to the original (screenwriter Everett De Roche penned both versions). I personally have never seen the latter, hence this remake was my first introduction to this story. This twisted twister sucked me in right off the bat with its awe inspiring scenic shots of the ocean and mountains and then slyly set up its game, using its two main characters as its pawns. Straight up dudes and dudettes, I was having a rock and roll blast with this one. James Caviezel's performance was an intense and totally out there show that often borderlined over-the-top but never crossed it! He so made for a great beer slinging and macho asshole, one that I could laugh with, groove with and side with (yup I related to the man). Every time the female character would get a tad overbearing for my ears as to her constant NAG NAG NAG, James Caviezel would come in and make it all better with a quip or a left field "fuck you". Freaking gold!

Horror wise; the flick did a swell job at building up its setting's oppressive feel and sported a handful of suspense laced bits that punched hard. Nothing to murder your neighbor about but I felt it, was enjoying it and was even taken by surprise a few times as to the pay-offs. That doesn't happen too often in my world. Nice! Moreover, NATURE'S GRAVE got my noggin going further than usual. It sparked at least half a thought from yours truly,  as to my sometimes careless mistreatment of mother nature. 10-4 on that NATURE'S GRAVE, I will be more careful from now on. Time to get them recycle bins in my house! Tag to all that sweetness some mean spirited scenes that tossed me to the wall like a rag doll, striking imagery and one heck of an ending and you get blood stained popcorn times at the movies.

On the flipside; pity that the couple's emotional baggage wasn't explored and delved in deep enough. All I had was two people that hated each other  I didn't feel much love and wasn't affected by their "past", and I know I was supposed to be. Then we had the "token plot turn dog" thing in the mix. Felt a tad cheap since the movie was obviously smarter than that. Finally, I got a couple unintentional laughs here and there (Caviezel was dropping his top like a cheap whore - show-off ;) but no harm done; I chuckled with them, not at them, hence ALL GOOD!

I say take the weekend off to catch this weekend! Well worth the trip!

We get blood here and there and, well, I can't say anything more cause it will ruin the movie for yall. Lets just say that yes there are some graphic surprises.
James Caviezel (Peter) played an asshole, he had fun playing an asshole, I had fun watching him having fun being an asshole. A couple of moments rang odd; but I found him highly entertaining. Was it me or did he channel Eric Roberts for this film? Claudia Karvan (Carla) got on my nerves, which means she nailed the role. Her constant nagging felt credible. I had ex girlfriend flashbacks!
T & A
Its all about the ladies on this one! Jim takes off his shirt even when he doesn't have to! We get some female undie stuff but nothing to go wood about.
Jamie blanks delivered yet another visually arresting show. Armed with a brilliant DOP, Blanks not only captured the beauty of nature (I swear nobody shoots mountains and the ocean like this guy) but also its creepiness via his night scenes. Dug it the most!
Blanks put out a moody and somber score that backed up the flick aces.
NATURE'S GRAVE was a thriller that thrilled, a cautionary tale that prompted "some" thought and an overall gnarly ride that came through as to ENTERTAINING me hardcore and whooping me silly with its fnale. James Caviezel has never been so much freaking fun to watch! TRUST ME! Granted, further character/background info would've been nice and Jim has to learn to stop dropping his shirt every 5 seconds, but overall I had a blast with this one! I've seen it twice now and dug it even more on my second dip. I still have to catch the original now!
The film is dedicated to Colin Eggleston, director of the original.

The flick was shot at the Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria, Australia