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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jaume Balagueró
Paco Plaza

Manuela Velasco/Ángela
8 10
Oh so spankable TV reporter Angela (Velasco) and her camera gimp get more than just a “story” when they accompany a group of firemen on a call to a slummy apartment complex… lets just say there’s no freaking fire in the house but there’s all kinds of bleep, bleep, bleep going on though. Ouch!

Check out the audience reaction to [REC] here (Frightfest 2008).

Wow what an epic it was to see this flick. For a while there I was sure that I was going to wind up tapping the US remake before the original. Well, that didn’t happen, granted I had to suck my own dick back-wards, but I it didn’t happen. Yup, I FINALLY got to get down with [REC] after like almost a year of hunting it down. Was it worth the wait, the fight and the headaches? One word: f*ck yeah! Well… two words…

Now, is it me or are we getting lots of “cinema verite” (i.e. handheld, over the shoulder cam — POV driven) type of flicks now of late. I mean CLOVERFIELD is still fresh in my silly putty mind, DIARY OF THE DEAD played the same game (am seeing that one soon) and the sex tape I have on the market was all about that stuff too! Sniff, sniff… I smell a trend over here… hey… better that than f*cking diaper remakes. Anyways [REC] was further proof that sometimes simplicity can whoop more bootie than all the special effects or/and CG tricks up one’s sleeve. The flick played it real smart; slyly setting me up as to the lead gal (wonderfully played by Manuela Velasco Fallon), the dire situation at hand and the eventual “final setting”. And for a while there, I thought, okay, the flick is good, but nothing nutty enough to rip open the condom wrapper over. But then it let her rip and I was then taken on a visceral and toe biting ride that genuinely creeped me out, had me tensing up like Orgazmo in overdrive and scared the shit out of me.

I would compare this raw and vicious experience to a haunted house ride gone terribly wrong (or terribly right if you’re a horror fan, he he he). The POV nature put me right there in the midst of the action, giving the experience an almost first person video game type of feel. Moreover, huge props to this film for putting out a valid reason (and re-integrating it often enough) as to why the camera man keeps shooting. That kept the realism (therefore the TERROR) going. The same went for the shaky cam stuff. I’m usually not a fan of that jive (me get migraines) but the disorientation and the groovy “caused by accident” shots (camera falling to the ground — night vision) kicked the shit out me. Let me put it this way; [REC] milked every device it had as to the “way” it was telling its story for maximum pummeling and I respected that. Add to that what had to be one of the scariest and tension laced 20 minutes I’ve seen in a while and you get a keeper, one that gives good head at that!

Any negatives to vomit out? Not really, apart from the fact that if you stop and mull it over; none of this was too original. I mean at the core we’ve seen it all before….many o times. But it’s like I always say; everything has been done — it's how you fast-ball the familiar elements/conventions that truly matters at this point. And [REC] did just that with skill, balls and panache. No need for a US remake for this jerk! Consider me OWNED by [REC].
Nothing too overt apart from damaged/gored up peeps and grisly bites. The flick suggested efficiently and I gotta say that the makeup (by David Ambit) was top notch!
Being that the character of Angela was basically the character we saw the most, her casting was crucial and the filmmakers nailed it by hiring Manuela Velasco. Photogenic, bubbly, credible and damn sexy; the lassie pulled it off no problemo. I was on her side throughout, even during her more bitch moments (that actually turned me on…meow). Here pussy, pussy…
T & A
No time for icing on this cake; although I could stare at Manuela Velasco’s tank top and the goodies within it for hours… in fact… I did!
Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza ran with their “reality” M.O. never failing to be creative and daring with the tools/openings they had at their disposal. They pulled off some oppressive suspense, mucho dread filled atmosphere and some potent scares as well. Aces!
Other than spooky ambient sounds; nada. I don’t remember a score to be honest. But I might be wrong.
Within the “horror verite” subgenre; once it kicked in [REC] had to be the most relentless of them all. Once “on”, it wouldn’t stop smacking me up till its refreshingly horrific, brrr inducing and go f*ck yourself conclusion. Sure the substance at hand and the conventions were far from novel; but it’s not what ‘s in the drink that matters its how it’s fixed. And [REC] was mixed with killer “horror hangover” in mind! See it!
The flick cost $1.9-million clams to make.

Jaume Balagueró has helmed The Nameless, Darkness and Fragile. Paco Plaza directed Rosamanta.

The REC remake is called Quarantine. Its directed by John Erick Dowdle and stars Jennifer Carpenter and Johnathon Schaech.