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REC 2(2010)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jaume Balagueró
Paco Plaza

Jonathan Mellor/Dr. Owen
Ferran Terraza/Manu
Manuela Velasco/Ángela Vidal
8 10
Thirteen minutes after the nerve-racking ending of the original REC; a Swat team and a tight assed doctor are sent into the damned building to get a handle on the damned situation — too bad the situation handles them instead. DAMN!
The original REC (2008) rattled my skull like a pair of dices and let them roll straight to the morgue. One of the most tension laced, mean machine flick I had seen in a while. I’ve actually never tackled its US remake QUARANTINE (2008) and never will, why? Out of freaking RESPECT for REC. Yup, that’s how much I esteem the film. So needless to say that I was foaming at the mouth and snapping hooker necks left and right in anticipation for its sequel REC 2. So now that I finally gouged its eyes out, did it deliver? OH YEAH CABRONE!!!!!!!!!!!

REC was about building characters and a dire situation to then pull the cadavers from under us to send us all to hell. REC 2 though, was about already being in a nightmare and getting the relentless and scare a minute guided tour. Yup, this badass aimed to ruin off the bat; it launched its lead characters and us the audience into the lion's den and it didn’t stop the horror pummeling till the end credits rolled. Now this is what I call a sequel that did it right as it upped the game the original played on pretty much every level. Visually the hero POV motif was cranked to NUTS by having us live the action through a camera attached to a SWAT team member (ALIENS style). Now, a camera held by a journalist (like it was in REC) is one thing, but one attached to a SWAT team dude is another much more visceral thing. The device upped the adrenaline quotient of the ride and made way for mucho cool video-game like first person shooter action bits. AWESOME!

And the same “go for the gold” attitude was applied to the narrative as well. I don' t want to SPOIL anything for ya but will say this; where REC was another infected peeps gone amuck scenario, its sequel decided to double down and hope for the best by taking a somewhat new direction. To be honest, initially, I wasn’t sure if it was the right way to go, but that jive quickly hit the bricks as the flick continually beat the shit out of me. Yes I finally realized the GENIUS that was behind this new angle and wound up loving it. Think an old school and somewhat European flavor. Moreover, the performances and reactions felt organic to this jerk and I loved that they brought back Manuela Velasco’s character from the original. What they did with her was highly compelling to say the least. Finally the makeup effects were aces and the violence brutal and in your face, the way it should be. ARROW NOTE: I've heard peeps complain that the film was not as scary as the original - and they are right - but there's way more action here than in the first film. So you lose some but get some too!

On the bad news front; character development here was a joke. The flick didn't bother with properly introducing or fleshing out its leads before the hammer swung down - it just slapped them onscreen and threw them in the fire. On the upside, at least we got to the action/horror goods real fast - downside was — I never got to know or get attached to anybody. In my opinion this is the flaw that stops REC 2 from being a total masterpiece. But hey what do I know. The film also had one VERY ANNOYING and dumb as Hilton kid in it (yup that twat Tito) and it carried its fair share of plot holes; there were lots of “why didn’t they do this or that” type of moments here. With that spat, that didn’t hinder the ride being that I only thought about them afterward.

All in all REC was the sequel a lot of films wish they could be. It didn’t do it all right but what it pulled off was at such a high level that I easily forgave its boo-boos. Think of a Tequila shot. When you take a shot of T. you don’t stop and dissect the flavor, you just let it hit ya and enjoy the buzz. Same went for REC 2. I half expected the words OWNED to appear at the end of the film, because that’s how I felt when all was said and killed. THANK YOU!
Wet get some grisly bites and all kinds and I mean ALL KINDS of bullets to the head.
T & A
Yeah there is some...nothing pleasant, unless saggy monster tits gets ya hard...
REC 2 was simply bad f*cking ass! Think Demons meets The Exorcist meets a first person shooter video game! Energetic, intense and much involving, this follow up to REC was just as good as its forefather but for its own reasons. Think a pure dose of adrenaline mixed in with a drop of acid going up your veins and you'll know what you're in for. Yeah characterization, sturdy logic and some idiot/grating kid soured the deal, but the payoff made up for that in spades. REC 2 = an amazing terror charged ride! You can put that on the poster and print it!
Pablo Rosso played the cameraman Pablo in the original and here he returns as SWAT member Rosso.

The clothes worn by Manuela Velasco in this sequel were the exact same thread that she wore in the original.