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Right at Your Door(2006)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Chris Gorak

Rory Cochrane/Brad
Mary McCormack/Lexi
7 10
LA is bombed by "we never know whom". Problem is the bombs were dirty, carrying a deadly hybrid virus. Which brings us to our loving couple. One is un-infected and he's sealed himself inside his house as per the instruction of the News but his girlfriend is infected and she's stuck outside the house, ducking dudes in gas masks. Where will their relationship end up? If its anything like my courtships...IN HELL!

I love you - Brad

When 911 hit, I personally couldn't believe my f*cking eyes as to what I was seeing on TV. As the towers crumbled, I felt anger, anger, anger, a pinch of sadness and a lot more anger. RIGHT AT YOUR FRONT DOOR takes the psychological repercussions of such an event and bravely explores them in an intimate fashion by focusing on a couple and their hardships through the nightmare. And you know what Tonto? It hit me right here. No you don't get it...RIGHT HERE!

I didn't know what this movie was about when I walked in and halfway through I expected peeps to turn into Zombies. But that didn't happen. Instead I was served up a weighty serving of true life horror. Funnily enough if I had seen this flick 5 years ago, I wouldn't relate to it as I did now. But after 911 who can't?
RIGHT AT YOUR FRONT DOOR was a character driven flick that explored the mental repercussions within individuals of a terrorist attack. Initial panic, running on instinct, disorientation, making the bad moves, emotional breakdowns, finding peace in one's situation and of course after all the bullshit we were served up and still are today by them puppets called THE NEWS, don't trust your own government.

Well if I was ever going to find some kind of acceptance in the fact that we have a bunch of self serving and lying twats in power, this movie definitely didn't help to sway me on that side. Big props to director Chris Gorak for putting us the audience member in the same shoes as our lead protagonist (expertly played by Rory Cochrane) and pulling it off to this degree. I felt what he felt and couldn't stop imagining, "WHAT IF" it was one of my loved ones contaminated, my loved one slowly dying before my eyes and my loved one not being able to get any help from me (cause I'm not infected and have to stay sealed away). Needless to say my tear ducks were flowing as I was deeply touched by this film on many levels.

Now that's not to say that it was perfect. It got repetitive in the middle section as if the film was stalling before reaching its heavy sucker- punch conclusion. I also felt that the role of Lexi (Mary McCormack) should've been more likeable to up the stakes of the game. Here (to me anyways) she didn't really seem to love or appreciate her boyfriend enough, in consequence I didn't care for her as much as I should have for the bulk of the film. It was hey boyfriend's love for her that kept me going. With that said the final act brought it all home with gusto. I was tearing like a man-bitch again. The film's emotional resonance kicked in hardcore and the horror of the film (via government agents/soldiers in gas masks) was pumped up to its full level, leaving me shocked, pissed and sad.

I respected what RIGHT AT YOUR FRONT DOOR aimed to do and what it did manage to achieve. Yes it was shot on a low budget, hence the "attacks" were low key. But I had investment in the lead duder and that's all I needed to buy it. It had me stuck in its web 80 percent of the time and that's good shite. You think ghouls, goblins, vampires, Paris Hilton and zombies are scary? TRY REAL LIFE!

Other than some blood and pasty faces, no gore. It wasn't about that.
Rory Cochrane (Brad) sold me hardcore. He is now in direct competition with Brad Pitt as Best Onscreen Male Cryer. Intense and credible, he held the film on his shoulders with the help of that hefty beard. Mary McCormack (Lexi) also played her role well, too bad she wasn't more likeable throughout. By the end though, she had me by the ping-pongs.
T & A
None of that stuff here and you know what? ITS ALL GOOD! The film didn't need it.
First time director Chris Gorak (he was the Art Designer on Fight Club) shot this film as he should; down and dirty, quasi "cinema verite" (Did I just say that? How pretentious) with only hints of stylistic choices throughout.
We get a low key yet efficient score by Tomandandy (of Fight Club fame) that never distracted, it just amplified the imagery.
Right at Your Door did just that, it brought it right at my front door and put me through the emotional ringer via its dire situation and its exploration of the impact on its two leads. Yes the film was obviously low budget, the dame chick could've been more endearing earlier on and the film lost some of its steam in its middle section but YES, when the cap-off charged in, it did it with force. Reality bites and reality sucks and this movie was pretty damn good in reminding me of that. It had me thinking afterwards and that's always the sign of a strong piece or a weak man. Take your pick! Arrow out...to go look at trees and shit.
The film was acquired worldwide by Lions Gate at the 2006 Sundance for about $3 million beans.

Some of the smoke rising bits were actual footage from the bombing in Iraq.