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Rosemary\'s Baby(1968)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Roman Polanski

Mia Farrow/Rosemary
John Cassavetes/Guy
Ruth Gordon/Minnie
Sydney Blackmer/Roman
10 10
Rosemary (Farrow) and Guy (Cassavetes) just moved in a new apartment in New York. A weird death occurs, Guy becomes buddy buddy with the elderly couple next door, Rosemary begins to have weird dreams and Guy’s acting career skyrockets under fishy circumstances. But strangeness anti’s up once Rosemary becomes pregnant, suddenly every body is interested in her baby, what she eats, when she sleeps, what she reads…Rosemary suspects foul play, gets her hair done by \"Vidal Sassoon\" and tries to figure out what the hell is going on.
This movie is the mother of movies like \"Devil’s Advocate, Astronauts Wife, Angel Heart\" and it has aged very well. It pulls you in from the first frame and takes you on for a slow, eerie and uncomfortable ride. I really dove into this movie, felt for Rosemary the whole way and had a few cases of the goosebumps. One thing is for sure this film does for elderly people what \"Psycho\" did for showers…I am now scared of elderly people…STAY AWAY…Lets give the baby some candy.
This is not a gory movie but we do get to see a girl’s head split open and of course the scene where Rosemary is being raped my the devil (fun).
It took me about 10 minutes to get use to the acting style (the movie was filmed in the 60’s) but once all was said and done I must say the acting was on the ball. Mia Farrow is full of vulnerability, her eyes are so expressive and you really want her to make it through. John Cassavetes oozes of arrogant charm (reminded me of James Caan) and everytime he’s on screen you want to look at him. Blackmer and Gordon gave me the heavy creeps and that was the point, kudos to them too.
T & A
We got em but not in an exploitive way. Farrow shows us practically everything (How can Woody Allen let that go?!) and John Cassevetes (Guy) takes off his shirt a few times (kind of a disappointment).
Beautifully shot, the directing is slow and steady just like the story and the streets of New York never looked creepier. There’s a whole aura of dread that fills this film, I don\'t know if it’s the lighting or maybe because it’s older but from the first shot to the last shot, something is going on. Good work Mr. Polanski.
The soundtrack is perfect. A mix of chants and synthesizer. The score is hardly used so when it comes on, it grabs you even tighter.
I can’t think of one fault to attribute to this film. All the bases are covered. This movie will get under your skin and once it’s over you’ll probably come to the same realization I did…You just witnessed one of the best horror flicks ever.
The Astronaut\'s Wife with Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron is basically a remake of this film but dealing with aliens instead of devil worshippers. Theron even has the same \"Vidal Sassoon\" haircut that Farrow sported. Will someone give Polanski a pardon and let him come back to the states! He’s one of our strongest directors (he fled after being charged with fooling around with a minor).