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Written by: The Arrow
Director: James Wan

Cary Elwes/Dr. Gordon
Leigh Whannell/Adam
Danny Glover/Tapp
Monica Potter/Diana
10 10
Two dudes, one a doctor (Elwes), the other a photographer (Whannel) wake up in a scummy and enclosed space, chained to some pipes with a lifeless body lying on the ground between them. Before they assume that they must have had one hell of a keg party the night before, they figure out that they’ve been abducted by a serial killer named "Jigsaw". Why? Well, the walnut wants to play a lethal game of “earn the right to live, mofos” and they have no other choice, but to partake. It, fortunately, gets dreadfully messy.
"Doctor Gordon, this is your wake up call..."-- Jigsaw

This film clobbered my skull into ashes, rolled me into a joint, smoked me up, banged my girlfriend and then squashed me into an ashtray. Let's all cheer for Lions Gate who seem to know a thing or three about acquiring SOLID and BALLSY horror films. Coupled with "Haute Tension", Lions Gate has launched a fatal right/left genre combo my way and I thank them for it. Now, ask yourself this: what would happen if "Seven" and "Cube" would do the dirty deed? Well, if nobody put a “jimmy” on their pecker, a bastard child named "Saw" would pop out of the rabbit hole nine months later to wreck some havoc. And wreck havoc it did. YEEHAW!

From frame one onward, this genre bully threw me into a corner and didn’t let me out 'till the end credits rolled. Although the tight characterization at play was one of the key reasons that I was so into this psychotic ride, where “Saw" stroked me the most was in the way that it conveyed its toxic narrative. Much like the nickname of its loony, this tale ingeniously worked like a jigsaw puzzle, going back and forth in time, illustrating the players’ everyday lives, the killer’s gruesome work while revealing information i.e. clues for us to latch on. The “audience participation” nature of the flick tagged with its army of “knock you over the head” twists, its engaging investigation subplot (go Glover go!) and its sweet mean streak (look out for those shotguns) had me on the edge of the edge. I felt trapped within Saw’s deadly grasp and was zealously piecing the shards of info together, yearning to see the big picture. But to be honest, I never wanted to escape this bleak web! I was having too much a hoot-nanny with all the unpleasantness!

Moreover, this horror party’s grim and stylized allure warmed me up like a “Pizza Pocket” getting the zap treatment. The arresting directorial style at hand was comparable to a blend of Italian Giallos, Asian films, some gritty David Fincher-like vibe with a pinch of rock video aesthetics sprinkled about for good measure. This sicko (yes, director James Wan...I mean you!) even went as far as visually echoing "Black Christmas" (eye-ball shot) and slapping some "Deep Red" (cackling dummy) in there! Good stuff! Add to all that yumminess, a heartwarming tendency to delve into cruel scenarios fearlessly, creatively and quite graphically (gore baby….gore) and you get a horror heavyweight that pulverized me repeatedly throughout to then knock my block out with its visceral finale! Man, I love rude little movies like this!

On the slight downside, some of the directing and editing choices where a little too MTV for my taste in certain spots (camera going round and round and assault of quick cuts). EASSSY MAN! Just say NO to drugs and say yes to illegal substances! I also got confused once due to the non-linear storyline. Either it was badly communicated or I’m an imbecile! My biggest peeve had to do with one harsh choice made by one of the leads though. I found it somewhat trivial since there seemed to be at least two other options available before making that play. It had me yelling at the big screen and I perceived it as solely there to force the storyline to its pre-destined conclusion. Then again, taking into account the intense circumstances, the dude’s psychological state, maybe…ummm….arrrggg....I don’t know anymore! You’ll take that “move” or leave it. I’m not sure about it yet…sue me!

All things considered, “Saw" was a mostly well-acted, definitely captivating and hands-down vicious little horror thug that took me for quite the gruesome outing. This bad boy fought me with gloves off…and won! I respect that! PLAY THIS GAME!
The meat shop is open! What will be it be, son? We get a blown off head, a man having a blast in barb wires, bloody entrails, a slit throat, messy shotgun shots and other goodies that I won’t reveal in order to not give away some nasty plot turns.
I’ve always appreciated Cary Elwes (Dr. Gordon), but his knack at losing his American accent in films always cracked me up. I’m pleased to report that in “Saw”, Mr. Elwes kept his Yank twang the whole way (good job bro...you did it!), but did put out a couple of moments of “off” acting. Overall though, he gave a layered and bang-on show. Leigh Whannell (Adam) held his own as the other dude trapped in the room. Very natural. Danny Glover (Tapp) stole the show as the obsessive anti-Murtaugh. I appreciate Glover on an all-new level now! Dina Meyer (Criminologist) was utterly wasted here: she showed up, looked pretty and disappeared from the movie. Should’ve given her the wife role. Monica Potter (Diana) aka Julia Roberts Clone never did it for me. Here, she did what she had to do well, but I would’ve preferred another actress in the role (i.e. Dina Meyer)
T & A
Umm…the rusty saws the lead dudes had were naked…get off on that!
Wan is going to take the scene by storm when this film comes out! His heavy-handed style rubbed me the right way most of the time. You groove on green/blue filters, insane shots, stylish scene transitions, use of still frames, fast motion, slow motion and an able smoke machine? You’ll be well fed here. The man is on speed!
The hostile industrial score ruled my world! No wonder...it was composed by aces Danny Lohner, and Charlie Clouser, ex-members of kick ass band “Nine Inch Nails”.
Harsh, surprising, daring, inventive, nihilistic and brutally graphic…my kind of lady! Movies with balls this size come once in a blue moon...relish them! Although it sported minor flaws, I’m still giving "Saw" a perfect rating. What the film made me feel more than made up for its tiny boo-boos. "Saw" had me under its blade from frame one, kept me there the whole time and slit my throat with its finale. As I bled profusely, I looked back at the outstanding experience that was this clever, twisted and plasma-heavy flick. Heed my words, let this "Saw" bleed you dry when it knocks at your door! Dying was never this much fun!
Last I heard, Lions Gate Films was set to release "Saw" on October 29th, 2004.

I caught this flick at this year's AFM.

Leigh Whannell (Adam) also wrote the film’s screenplay.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell are working on their next project “Shhh” for Universal. All we know is that it touches upon the theme of ventriloquism.