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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Joss Whedon

Nathan Fillion/Mal
Gina Torres/Zoe
Alan Tudyk/Wash
Adam Baldwin/Jayne
8 10
A group of Space Outlaws find themselves in big trouble in bigger space when the package they're carrying (a damaged, deadly girl named River) gets the Alliance (Space Government) on their tail. In between dealing with the unpredictable aggressive River, the insane Reavers (Think Zombie Klingons) and the Alliance’s lethal employee “The Operative”, they attempt to unravel the “why” behind what’s going down. Hop on this ship and blast off baby!
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Jayne, how many weapons you plan on bringing? You only got the two arms. - Mal

When I saw the trailers for SERENITY, I wasn’t sold on it; it just didn’t work for me and I was gonna skip it. After getting mucho e-mails asking me to go see the damn thing, I finally broke down like Michael Jackson at a Daycare for toddlers and said why the heck not. Thank you to the people who convinced me to see this film; where I totally fell in love with it.

Sprung off the cancelled Joss Whedon (Of Buffy and Angel fame) show FIREFLY (a show I had never watched or heard of for that matter); SERENITY went on to crowd please my silly self like nobody’s cheating girlfriend. The story at hand was Sci-Fi at its best, it smartly commented on the past, addressed our present (Big Brother baby, Big Brother) while wrapping it all up in a thick futuristic blanket. Endearingly enough; the flick played its tune with a Western Cowboy like motif to it which gave the whole a unique genre bending flavor that I just couldn’t get enough of. The colorful, outlaw anti-heroes that we were tagged to also made it all happen. I so grooved hanging out with this lot and loved how they all displayed shades of gray as opposed to being back and white. Mal (Fillion), Jayne (Baldwin) and the film’s equally nuance villain The Operative (Ejiofor) were my favs no doubt; loved them! It surely helped the players that they were given some freaking clever, sharp and hard hitting dialogue that had me laugh out loud on many occasions. It made the gang all that more appealing and the flick so much more entertaining.

Then we had the excellent production values and designs whopping serious Wookie ass! The Blade Runner on Pop Culture acid world the story was set in so enthused me and so did the various space ship motifs. Speaking of ships, Serenity put out some of the most exhilarating and well-staged ship dogfight scenarios since Luke Skywalker aimed to take that blasted Death Star down. The myriad of chase sequences, martial art jamborees, suspenseful shootouts and down and dirty fist to cuffs, contributed to the audio/visual fiesta that was this movie. Talk about giving the audience an eye and earful! Finally, look out for those side baddies called the Reavers. What is a Reaver? Think anarchist; blood thirsty Zombie like entities who aim to destroy, kill and chew you down on every damn level. They provided much of the anxiety that was in the film and I for one would have loved to have seen more of them.

Any complaints Uncle Arrow? Well my main and sole peeve is that the flick went on for a bit too long. A good 20 minutes could’ve been snipped out of there to make it a tighter and more hard hitting experience. But in all honesty, that didn’t bother me too much where on the flip side, the more time I spent in Serenity’s world; the happier I was. To conclude; Serenity was a striking Sci-Fi badass that launched humor, horror, smarts, Grade A effects, imagination and action my way like a Mike Tyson left hook. And to think I almost didn’t see it on the big screen. Thank the Siths that I came to my senses! SERENITY IS ALREADY UNDERRATED!
We get stabbings, bullets hits, a handful of brutal moments, corpses and ugly Reavers. .
Nathan Fillion (Mal) rocked as the Han Solo like Captain of the ship; tough, to the point, a fighter and a lover. Classic hero type with a couple of twists to him that Fillion interpreted to a T. Gina Torres (Zoe) nailed her emotional and action inclined role. Chiwetel Ejiofor (The Operative) was incredible as the well-spoken, charismatic yet deadly nemesis. LOVED HIM!

Baldwin (Jayne) was right at home as the more shameless and hardened one of the group. Morena Baccarin (Inara) did what she had to do while being great eye candy. Jewel Staite (Kaylee) and Sean Maher (Simon) sported a great chemistry together whilst putting out razor deliveries. Summer Glau (River) nailed her ass kicking and emotionally twisted role. Quite the pretty girl at that!
T & A
The ladies get all the yum with men shirtless all over the air lock. What about us! Don’t dames take off their tops in the future? COME ON! WORK WITH MY PANTS OVER HERE!
Joss Whedon directed his new baby with a firm hand, stylish, suspenseful and at times semi trippy; the flick looked amazing. I have officially forgiven him for his Alien Resurrection script (If that was his fault in the first place).
The techno/Cowboy twang inclined score worked wonders for the film; sucking me deeper into its action.
Others have said it and yup, I’ll say it too. Serenity is the new Star Wars! It displayed the same Sci-Fi, matinee adventure vibe while taking it all a hyper speed notch further by touching upon the Western and horror genre. If that wasn’t enough; it machine gunned, zany action, space fights, loveable characters, a potent mystery AND acted as a clever social commentary to boot. Granted it all went on for a tad too long but that didn’t come close to tarnishing what was this side splitting, mucho exciting, eye popping and highly original experience. Serenity was the real thing, an ambitious film that pretty much did it all right. Joss Whedon has earned my respect! Sign me up for a sequel and yup… time to go buy myself a brown coat.
Word on the street is that the film cost 35 to 40 million to make. Well the money as onscreen!

Word on the same street is that FOX sabotaged the series, airing episodes out of sequence, busting balls left and right, which led to it being cancelled after its first season. Universal handled the film version.