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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stuart Gordon

Mena Suvari/Brandi
Stephen Rea/Tom
Russell Hornsby/Rashid
Rukiya Bernard/Tanya
8 10
What happens when a down on his luck duder (Rea) and some some selfish E popping bitch (Suvari) miserable lives collide? Him stuck in her windshield and her parking her car in her garage waiting for him to die. Yup, Gordon does it again!

Ever had one of those days?

In my book (i.e. a sticky Hustler magazine), Stuart Gordon expanded his career beyond “genius horror director” with KING OF THE ANTS and he hasn’t stopped hitting the “f*ck yeah” mark ever since. He kind of became a Pop Culture-less Tarantino and I’m all for it! EDMOND and now this flick are firm evidence that the chap is not done wowing us with his unique visual style, attraction to off kilter material and audacious attitude behind the lens. I hadn’t heard jack or shit about STUCK before entering the theatre and I’m happy to scream on top of a dead crack whore’s corpse; that I had one hell of a blast! This is one of Gordon’s best films… period.

Any cinematic entity that shows me something that I’ve never seen before deserves a pat on the ass and a squeeze of the tit and STUCK did just that with flair and balls. What may that be you ask? Well, the flick revolves around a man stuck in some bitches’ windshield… yeah you heard… a man stuck in some bitches’ windshield and not only that; it’s played out in a credible (for the most part) and graphic enough fashion. Who knew? And the fact that this snag was actually based on true events makes it all more mesmerizing. I always knew that people blew and that our so called society is a joke on 3 legs; but if this really went down then I “get it” on an all new echelon. Did I just say echelon? YOU BET I DID!

Much like a coked up stripper lap dancing as if her life depended on it (and it did) STUCK worked me long and hard on many levels. It hit the nail on the head as a biting satire on our pathetic civilization. Seeing our poor schlep protagonist (brilliantly played by Stephen Rea) going through the system reminded me of every time I've had to either negotiate a contract or talk to my bank; bullshit on top of pass the buck on top of being dicked around; for something that is at the end of the day quite simple. I so related to them early scenes BIG TIME! He had my vote!  Ahhh life…got to love it. Furthermore STUCK slyly toyed with my expectations as to its lead characters to back-hand me silly at the halfway mark. My initial impression of them gradually mutated as the clock moved forward and layers were peeled off making for a compelling watch. The “shift” in pimp daddy, poon hound Rashid for example (played by a totally on the ball Russell Hornsby) had me on the floor! GREAT SHOW!

On a less “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” standpoint; this bitter pill was just an overall good time at the movies. The story rolled off at a clip pace, the dialogue was witty and engaging, the messed up situations didn’t pull any punches in terms of “out there” M.O. and grisly demeanor and the film stayed true to itself in the sense that “peeps got what they deserved”…in very nasty ways…he he he…HE HE HE! Big props to Mr. Gordon for his visceral visual interpretation; we get a couple of money bits here that blew my Carrot Top away to Has-Been heaven. That accident sequence in particular… owned me hardcore. Tag to all that a groovy score/soundtrack (yes its rap but it worked for me for some reason), potent acting chops all around and Mena Suvari’s mini-titties doing the happy go slappy dance for all of us to enjoy and you get one motherf*cking content arrow…IN YOUR HEAD!

Any complaints; not really; I mean sure by the last block of the flick some suspension of disbelief had to be greased on the tiny engine that is my brain for me to move on; but by that point I was so into it that I didn’t give much of a fudge. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about this fresh, daring, hilarious and freaking violent little ditty. Gordon has outdone himself here and you can consider me stuck on STUCK!

It gets messy in typical Gordon fashion. We're treated with a pen in the eye, body burning, glass in flesh, some old man's poop (yuk) and nasty flesh wounds that made me wince like a schoolgirl getting a ruler jammed up her "insert name of hole here".
Mena Suvari (Brandi) was perfect casting for the role. Although the part is not particularly likeable; her angel like looks and genuine delivery clashed with that; making for a biting result. Stephen Rea (Tom) was at his affable best as the dude who just can't catch a freaking break...even when stuck in a windshield. Russell Hornsby (Rashid) stole the show many o times with his sympathetic performance, specially during the last block. Priceless! Rukiya Bernard (Tanya) took a small role and made it memorable via her charisma and talent. And she's pretty damn hot too!
T & A
We get Mena Suvari's B-Cups bouncing in the wind while banging some dude and the ladies get Russell Hornsby shirtless and some old geezer's crap filled naked ass. God I love being a man!
Stuart Gordon slammed the pedal to the floor with his high octane, arresting, often delicioulsy stylish show. Easily his tightest film yet!
We get a striking piano score and some badass rap ditties. By rule of middle finger I don't like rap; but it worked here hence; good freaking songs!
STUCK was a breath of fresh dead air for this movie fan. Fast paced, funny, daring and unique while being filled with all kinds of surprises, last time I had this much of a good time was when I decided to knuckle shuffle with my left hand for a damn change. Yes, it kind of got farfetched after a while but I easily let that go, too involved in the whole by then to truly care. Not sure what kind of distribution a film of this ilk will get; but take my word for it, STUCK is worth the hunt or/and worth the wait!
Damn! STUCK was shot in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I did not know that! My Agent sucks!