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The Dead Pit(1989)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Brett Leonard,

Cheryl Lawson/Jane Doe
Stephen Gregory Foster/Christian
Jeremy Slate/Dr. Swan
Danny Gochnauer/Dr. Ramzi
7 10
Dr. Ramzi (Gochnauer) affectionately know as \"the surgeon\" loves torturing and killing his patients. He’s a dangerous man cause not only is he a fruit but he’s also very smart. Dr Swan (Slate) disapproves of his colleague’s methods, puts a bullet in his head and buries him with the dead patients in the institute’s basement. Twenty tears later, Jane Doe (Lawson) a women who claims her memory has been stolen from her arrives at the institute. It seems her presence triggers some weird events, namely an earthquake that frees the evil \"surgeon\" and his zombie followers. Faster then you can say \"holy shite\" Jane Doe begins seeing the surgeon everywhere, has weird dreams, gets a mild case of possession, people start dying and the surgeon throws heads at her window. Dr Swan has seen this all before but this time it will take more than a gun to stop the surgeon. He tried life and now he’s conquering death. Oh yeah…
This is a lean, mean horror machine. Bleak, depressing and humorless (except for the cop joke, look for it). This movie actually builds up it’s characters before kicking into gear. And when it does kick in, hold on cause your in for a tense, messed up ride. This is \"Night Of The Living Dead\" on acid. If that sounds good to you…then read on…if not go rent \"Look Who’s Talking\"…sissy…Lets enter the nuthouse.
Semi Gory. Some kills are offscreen (why?) but we do get to see lots of blood, an open skull and some dirty, smelly, bloody zombies.
Cheryl Lawson (Jane Doe) gives a strong performance, she cries on Q and shows the right amount of vulnerability and strength (It also helps that she’s in her bra and underwear most of the film).

Stephen Gregory Foster (Christian) gives a charming, sympathetic performance and could have gotten away by letting his British accent do the acting…in this case he doesn’t and instead gives a good show. Jeremy Slate (Swan) is very good, it’s almost like he doesn\'t know he\'s acting in a gore flick. Danny Gochauer (Ramzi) doesn’t have much to do other than look crazy, open his eyes real wide and let the makeup do the acting….that’s what he does. Great makeup.
T & A
Having Cheryl Lawson run around in her underwear the whole film, scared me. I was sure that’s all we would get…but thank god the filmmaker respects the audience and gives us a gratuitous dream sequence where Lawson reveals her beautiful wonderful balloons.
Very heavy handed…and I loved it. All the tricks of the trade are here. From slow motion too quick cuts, to creepy green filters to crazy shots. The director must have watched a lot of music videos cause this one is directed like a badass version of one. All about style.
We get a mean, no holds barred score. It’s aggressive, it’s scary, it’s creepy and it’s awesome.
Ever watched \"One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest\" and wished somebody would just come in and butcher those damn nutballs? If the answer is yes…see this movie. This movie doesn’t beat around the bush, has great buildup, suspense, action and an ending that slapped me in the face. This is a real horror movie.
Don’t let the corny box cover fool you (a zombie that when you press on it, his eyes light up) this is a great addition to the zombie genre.