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The Fly 2(1989)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Chris Walas

Eric Stoltz/Martin
Daphne Zuniga/Beth
Lee Richardson/Bartok
John Getz/Stathis
7 10
Greedy corporation Bartok Inc now owns the late Seth Brundle’s new born son Martin (Stoltz) and his “Telepods”. All is fine and dandy at the compound until Martin Brundle, grows up and starts feeling a little buggy under the collar. Yup, the house gets cleaned up! The Fly is back and it’s in an acid-vomiting mood. Yippee!
I\'m getting...”better”-- Martin Brundle

This sequel to David Cronenberg’s box-office and critical hit “The Fly” got a big can of RAID shoved up its arse by the critics upon its theatrical release. Man, it’s hard to win with sequels, isn’t it? If you stay too close to the original, you’re labeled a lazy rethread. If you stray too far, you get castrated for being too different. Which way to go?

I personally really enjoyed \"The Fly 2\" for what it was: a fun, gory, monster-on-the-loose foray that didn’t mess around when it came to throwing the horror goods our way. It all started on an endearing human tone with the evolution of baby Brundle into young man Brundle played by an able Eric Stoltz. I relished witnessing our little bug-boy grow up, was taken in by the dramatic situations in which he was placed, was genuinely touched at times (all about that dog stuff…sniff sniff) and the imminent love story that surfaced with Geena Davis wannabee Daphne Zuniga was much appreciated by this “mush mush” at heart. Sure, the plausibility factor of said “love story” could be questioned, but the actors at play made me buy it. So it wasn’t questioned by yours truly.

The more exploitive third act of \"The Fly 2\" is what got this sequel the most flack by the critics. What was to that point, a more character and situational driven essay, chucked its brain out of the window and embraced horror film conventions to deliver a claustrophobic “Alien”-like body count finale. That’s right, kids! We get a giant bug man (looked more like a giant lizard to me though) going from place to place, maiming the wrongdoers that messed with him in highly gory ways. Mmmm…okay…so what exactly is wrong with that, I may ask? Sure, the last block didn’t fully gel with the more mature mood that was established to that point, but in my book of fun Friday night times, you just can’t wrong with machine guns, lots of red stuff and a giant, ugly bug-man melting some heads with a an acid spit-spray. I had a freaking Big Mac blast! COME ON!

On the slight bummer, I did find that some of the stalk sequences went on for too long and since we didn’t care about the victims, the suspense was nil. We also had stock characters who were a tad tired. You know how it goes...evil guards, evil doctors and an evil head of a corporation with a god complex. A bit more nuances in regards to these mooks would have made them a tad more appealing and upped the stakes of the narrative. Everybody was just so 100% “evil” here! Lastly, although minor I have to mention this: why does everything that gets teleported have to make a noise? The dog yelps, the cat meows, the phone rings…whose idea was that? It was pretty tacky. I feel better now getting that off my chest.

But on a whole, \"The Fly 2\" kept me hooked the whole way and never failed to entertain my silly self. When it wasn’t captivating me with its more human elements, it had me rooting for the good guys, swaying me with its high profile bloodshed, giving me an eyeful via its solid production values or driving the joy home with its \"money\" cap-off. No, it’s not like the original...it’s actually a different movie! Let’s get over it and GIVE THIS BUG A BREAK!
{Arrow sings}: “It’s raining gore! Halleluiah, it’s raining gore! Yeah, yeah!” We get bloody bit-off fingers, an acid-laced and ripped-off face (nice one!), an acid-sprayed hand, a groovy crushed head and various monstrosities. Lots of latex at play here! YOU GO WALLAS!
Eric Stoltz (Martin) did a decent job as the vulnerable “man fly”. He also cried on cue. Daphne Zuniga (Beth) also did what she had to do and was easy on the eyes to boot. Lee Richardson (Bartock) was perfect as the poseur father figure with an agenda of his own. John Getz (Stathis) returned from the first film in a cameo to chew the scenery. Fun times!
T & A
Stoltz and Zuniga have a nude sex scene together where we don’t see anything. The Fly is also naked in the film: nice buttocks. I wonder where it works out!
Chris Wallas put out an admirable show, although he was no Cronenberg. He still gave us some groovy shots, handled his action sequences like a man and delivered a couple of memorable “slick” moments (loved the rooftop hopping scene). I dug it!
The Christopher Young score sounded a lot like the one he did for \"Hellraiser 2\", at times. It worked on me! And was that a K.D. Lang ditty booming out? You bet it was.
\"The Fly 2\" wasn’t as novel, intelligent or layered as the original. If you actually think about it real hard, you can find all kinds of inconsistencies within the film (I didn’t know flies cocooned). But what’s the fun in that? The movie is about a massive man-bug causing a ruckus! Lighten up! Leaning more towards action, stunts and gore than its forefather, this insect kept me grinning in my seat and that’s all that mattered to me. Think those 50’s and 60’s giant critter movies, but with lots of red gravy and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from \"The Fly 2\". It\'s not rocket science...it’s a freaking monster movie! Now am I going to be the a-hole who says \"Bring on The Fly 3”? I guess I am, because I just did. BRING IT FOX! BRING IT! I’m game!
Look for a Jeff Goldblum cameo via videotape footage. The footage in question was actually a deleted scene form the first \"The Fly\".

The flick was shot in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The opening credits for The Fly 2 were an unused credit sequence from the first movie.

Nope, that wasn’t Geena Davis playing Veronica in the opening (she refused the role because it was too small). The actress in question is Saffron Henderson.