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The Last Exorcism Part II(2013)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly

Ashley Bell/Nell
Julia Garner/Gwen
Spencer Treat Clark/Chris
David Jensen/Calder
1 10
After the events from the first film, Nell (Ashley Bell) ends up in a group home and tries to get her shit together. But the demon Alfalfa or whatever the frick his name was still wants her ass. So then... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... nothing happens.
I was one of those who loved the first hour and ten minutes of THE LAST EXORCISM and saw it ruined by the left field and sad sack ending. I know some people loved the finale of the original, good for you, to each his own, I didn't. So I can't say I came into this sequel (which was shot in a convential manner as opposed to the "characters are filming" original) with a hard-on.

I didn't expect much from it to be honest and now that I think of it, that was a good attitude to have cause that's pretty much what I got, Jack and shit and Jack was out of town. Being that the film wasted my time and my money and that I just want to hit the Pub for a well earned brew (s), I'm gonna try to make this short and sour. Yup point form time mofos and mofettes! Here we go, 6 reasons why THE LAST EXORCISM PART 2 can kiss my knife!

-The story was underdeveloped and communicated in the most BORING way possible. If I take the initial premise at face value, there could have been something there. Nell tries to get her life together, demon still wants her whilst devil worshippers prowl about yearning for the end of the world (Why again? Who cares). But this beeyatch went about it all wrong.

The story had no weight to it, the chain of events sported no momentum, the devil worshippers angle was silly instead of creepy and the whole felt like a patch job as opposed to a smooth and cohesive narrative. It didn't feel like the story was shooting for anything, it was just killing time till that last YAWN plot point brought the non-happenings to a conclusion.

-The shooting style was too basic and the flick lacked dread filled atmosphere. Nothing more to add to that, it says it all. BLAND!

-There wasn't one frightening scene in the whole of the film (the opening came close). Unless you consider silence then BOO i.e. loud sound or a in your face quick flash, scary. But genuine frights or oppressive tension? NATHING! Every attempt at true fear failed. It was like the director didn't know how to go about it and the editor did what he could to make it happen. 

-Everything was off-screen and I mean everything! As an example; there's nothing worse than a film encouraging you to dislike a character to then see the film dispose of that same character off-screen. Really man?! Urg. Why was this rated PG-13? The sex moans from behind the wall? It should have been PG!

-The movie was all build up. Nell gets a job, Nell meets a boy, Nell talks to her shrink... we get it, she's getting her shit together, all good WHEN there's an actual satisfying PAYOFF at the end. Didn't happen here, just groans from yours truly at how inept this movie was at horror.

-Finally, the flick lacked conviction. Lots of the side characters (Who were them two black chicks again?), situations and turn of events were too slim or/and I didn't believe in them. Same went for the cheapo visuals effects which took me out of the movie. That never helps!

With that set aflame, I gotta hand it to Ashley Bell, who much like in the original, totally won me over here with her affable, good hearted and somewhat child-like demeanor. She really sold the role and even though pretty much everything around her was crap on a stick, her solid performance alone kept me watching. That well rounded show deserved to be in a better movie.

Other than that, I dug how Julia Garner would smirk under her breath every time something bad would happen and Muse Watson rocked the shrink role! He put out an earnest and likable display. Moreover, the idea behind the final frames was pretty cool, the execution not so much. On the whole; 10 bucks for my ticket, 10 bucks for my date and 12 bucks for 2 PopCorns. So yup 32$ down the drain. Suck it THE LAST EXORCISM PART 2!

Nothing, unless you consider an off-screen slit throat gore.
T & A
Nothing, unless you consider moaning TNA.
THE LAST EXORCISM PART 2 was a total let down and the worse part was: I didn't expect much from it! It had no scares, a chop-shop narrative progression, no suspense, all of the horror was off-screen, it lacked conviction, had a boring visual style and it was all aimless build-up with little to no payoff. Ummm... nough said! Ashley Bell was fantastic though. I didn't walk out and give the review to one of my staffers to take on because of her solid showcase. So props girl, you owned it and then some! Too bad it was in this dreck!

Muse Watson, Julia Garner and a couple of other side actors did fine too, but this was Bell's show through and through! Fans of THE LAST EXORCISM prepare to be spat in the face by this uneventful sequel. Non fans of the original, prepare to be bored dry (whatever that means). Bummer, I thought lots of the concepts behind this sequel had promise, but they either did it all wrong, did it half assed or didn't do enough. I wouldn't even recommend seeing this one on disk! Just skip it all together. Life's too short! Off to get a brew! Cheers yall! Have a great weekend!
Muse Watson of course also played the killer in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.

Ed Gass-Donnelly (who co-wrote the script with Damien Chazelle) is an Award winning director from Toronto. What happened?

The film was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA