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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jim Gillespie

Jonathan Jackson/Eric
Agnes Bruckner/Eden
Laura Ramsey/Rachel
Bijou Phillips/Tammy
7 10
A Voodoo curse is set free via a car accident which results in some big lug being possessed by 13 evil souls no less and doing the gory teen human laundry in a small Louisiana town. YOU GO BOY!

He Never Hurt A Soul Until The Day He Died.

Well this is a first for me; VENOM is actually based on a story for an in development video game (is it still?) at BFG. Meaning the film adaptation actually came out before the game it’s based on! Crazy business I tell ya…CRAZY! Produced by Kevin Williamson (Writer of SCREAM), directed by Jim Gillespie (Director of I Know What You Did Last Summer) and sorely dumped on like 2 screens for 11 days by Dimension Films in September 2005 (it didn’t make it into my town) VENOM deserved better than the dime a dozen crack whore treatment that it got by its own Studio!

Maybe it’s these sad and pathetic times of horror remakes, re-imaginings, go f*ck yourself audience & gimmee money to see your fav films needlessly updated and PG 13 madness that swayed me on VENOM’s side. But there was just something almost magical in viewing this throwback to 80’s stalk & slash. VENOM had no pretenses, it was what it was; an hour and half excuse to see kids get stalked and killed in brutal/creative ways. Granted the story at hand was nothing stand-out; evil is unleashed, it possesses some big dude who goes on to clean house...that was that on that. But it was fresh (dug the Voodoo angle) and compelling enough to get the job done. And the same can be said about the slim fast characters/relationships and the at times silly dialogue on hand. They didn't mean much to me but in this case that was okay. Cause what was worth Gold for this a-hole was seeing a huge demonic mofo (named Mr. Jangles…NICE!) do all the wonderful things that he does in the name of outlandish murder. I was touched and "vaclemped" by his actions.

You see once VENOM got its interesting yet easily disposable exposition out of the way (at the half hour mark) it turned into a non-stop slash-fest with brutal kills up the ying-yang, sucker punching plot turns and tight chase sequences (the peek-a-booing in the swamp was one for the books) that had me foaming in delight at the utter blast that they were to witness. For its last hour, this movie just wouldn’t stop with the fun times at the horror house and that was all I needed to feel highly satisfied. The potent bleak atmosphere Gillespie injected the flick with added to the "I'm loving it" jive of the proceedings as well. He milked his Louisiana Bayou swamp setting like a champ while directing the whole with high “Red Bull” energy. My last pat on this one’s toned ass had to do with the killer himself who in a fair world would return in a sequel to compete with Jason Voorhees as one of the most badass, silent and relentless killers to have graced the screen in years. This villain didn’t muck around when it came to his dirty business; he was a mean spirited and somewhat intelligent killing machine; period. Wait till you see how he reels in one victim out of a house with his lasso chain; freaking priceless!

On the whole; VENOM was a typical yet no bullshit, high body count and swiftly paced slasher that delivered the candy coated goods in what it aimed to put out. How refreshing! Yes, I'm a VENOM fan and I don't care who knows it! BRING ON THE SEQUEL!

We get some nice slashed throats, a ripped off arm (don’t blink), mucho impalings and a NICE knife in the head. The flick did showcase some shoddy CGI snakes and didn’t run as far as it could’ve had with its R Rating but the harshness of its all made up for that.
Jonathan Jackson (Eric) was the better actor here and he elevated his nothing “on paper” part to somebody that I semi cared for. Agnes Bruckner (Eden) did fine in “final girl” role but her huge cans stole the show for me. Laura Ramsey (Rachel) was blonde and she died; job done. Bijou Phillips (Tammy) played a loose and trashy dame; what a stretch! Method Man (Deputy Turner) was actually decent in his limited role; I didn’t even know it was him until after the fact.
T & A
The ladies get some shirtless dudes and we get squat. What went wrong here? You cast Bijou Phillips and you couldn’t get her to drop her top? How does that happen? It’s Bijou Phillips! She makes a living out of dropping her top in crappy indie flicks! A tit shot was sorely lacking here to make the 80’s like feel of this film complete.
Jim Gillespie double downed on potent atmosphere; taunt stalk sequences; a zippy pace and fly shots. No complaints! I have now officially forgiven him for the fiasco that was Eye See You.
We get a potent slasher score that juiced up the action to f*ck yeah!
VENOM was a standard yet highly entertaining, well directed and competent barrell of slasher monkeys (whatever that means). Sure, I didn’t care much about the kids in this film or their plight but I surely warmed up to seeing them get chased around, hunted down and killed in fly ways by some imposing, “got eyes on his back, literally” supernatural entity. Sometimes in life; the simpler things make so much sense; like watching a sunset, hearing waves crashing in or munching on a Whopper with cheese…VENOM is one of those endearing simplest things. THANK YOU!
The film was originally called "Backwater" and then “The Reaper”.

I wonder if the BFG VENOM video game will ever happen...