Adding The Defenders into Avengers: Infinity War would be complicated

After Luke Cage and Iron Fist get their own Netflix series, the plan is for them to team-up with Daredevil and Jessica Jones in a Defenders crossover miniseries. Earlier this year a rumor surfaced that Marvel's small screen superheroes will appear in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - PART II, but that's much easier said than done, according to co-director Anthony Russo. During a conversation with SUPER Interessante at CCXP, Russo was asked about the possibility of The Defenders making an appearance in the upcoming Avengers sequels.

It's complicated. When we start to serialize the telling of stories it's difficult. You have to have a lot of control and focus on the course of history. The films are controlled by a group led by Kevin Feige, so they function as a unit. Other products, even if they are from Marvel, are controlled by others. Then there is the possibility of a crossover, but it's more complicated. It is a smaller scale version of the problem that exists when remembering that Fox holds the rights to some of Marvel's most popular characters, as does Sony and others. As storytellers, we only have control over what happens in Marvel movies, but everything is possible, Spider-Man became possible!

Russo didn't 100% rule out The Defenders for either of the AVENGER: INFINITY WAR movies, but based on his comments, it doesn't sound like they'll be heading to the big screen anytime soon. What do you think Marvel should do with their Netflix characters?

Daredevil season 2 and Luke Cage are expected to debut on Netflix in 2016, while AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - PART I will be in theaters on May 4, 2018, followed by Part II on May 3, 2019



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