Archer producers want Jon Hamm for title role in live-action movie

Sterling Archer Jon Hamm

Archer recently wrapped up its seventh season on FX and although its future isn't certain at this point, the folks behind-the-scenes definitely have a few ideas on where it could go, including a live-action movie. While speaking with The Daily Beast, executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis said that the topic of a live-action Archer film comes up every couple of years but that it's up to Archer creator Adam Reed whether it comes to fruition or not. As to who would play Sterling Archer's live-action incarnation, Thompson and Willis say that there's only one choice.

It’s Jon Hamm. If Archer goes live-action, I do believe it will be Jon Hamm. Maybe you could do it with Jon Benjamin’s voice coming out of him? I don’t know. Adam is always like, ‘I don’t know if I want the movie to be live-action because I want it to be Jon Benjamin!’ But if it is live-action—and if it is not Jon Benjamin—it is our greatest hope that it would be Jon Hamm. I can say that with confidence.

Sterling Archer is brilliantly voiced by H. Jon Benjamin on the series and although I'm a big fan of Jon Hamm, it would be very strange to hear Archer speak without Benjamin's distinctive tone. Who knows, perhaps the hybrid Archer which they speak of, with H. Jon Benjamin dubbing over Hamm's performance, could work, but if a live-action Archer film ever happens, and I'd be surprised if it did to be honest, it wouldn't kick off until after the animated series has wrapped up.

Source: The Daily Beast
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