Arnold Schwarzenegger's Ten retitled to Breacher and possibly adds Terrence Howard and Dawn Olivieri

Dawn Olivieri on the beach

It has been strongly established by now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is very much back, with projects lined up one after the other for the next three years or so. Now one of these was called TEN, a title as vaguely nothing as could be imagined despite being about "10 DEA agents who pull off a heist during an enforcement operation [but] then start dying one by one." So for reasons both unrevealed yet utterly fathomable, the upcoming crime flick has been retitled to BREACHER. Do we think it's possible that Schwarzenegger's old propensity for saying awful one liners might be kept and updated to fit a more modern sensibility? Because I would do just about anything to see the following exchange on screen:

*Arnold Schwarzenegger and the recently cast Sam Worthington stand in front of an imposing door.*

Sam Worthington's character: Come on, do it mate! You're the best breacher I know!
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Breacher? I just met her!

*Schwarzenegger puts his gigantic gun to the keyhole and pulls the trigger, blowing the door onto the ground.*

Speaking of recent casting, Terrence Howard and Dawn Olivieri ("House of Lies," "The Vampire Diaries") are also looking to get in on the breaching action by way of possibly playing "members of the DEA team who are engaged in an affair, and who conspire to steal the already stolen goods."  I can already tell - shit's going to get real with the double and triple crossing up in here.  Which is fine by me, as I do dig a good heist movie.  There are plenty of DEA agents left to cast, so look for more info as it comes along.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite heist movie that involves a double cross? Don't forget to slap up a "spoiler" label if it's a big deal and/or you want to talk about more than just a double cross.



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