Beavis & Butthead 2?

    I, for  one, DO like back to school...

The recent EXTRACT clip introduced by Mike Judge's two iconic metalheads made a bunch of us nostalgic for that juvenile yet "therapeutic" humor that could only be followed by "Uh...huh huh huh". It also reminded us that once upon a time, Judge had promised a BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA follow-up. Where is it Mike?

Talking to the folks of Cinema Blend during his EXTRACT promo tour, judge touched upon a possible new film with those two, reassuring fans that he always did and always does intend to do it, someday. Maybe. We'll see.

"It would take at least two years, and I haven't had two years to spare in a while. It is fun to do again. I worry that as I get older my voice is going to change," Judge confessed. "Occasionally I'll get an idea. A while back, I was thinking, God it would be so fun to just have them working tech support. They're the guys you get when you call. I started writing stuff down. But yeah, I feel like they're always still there. I keep wanting to do something with them being like old, in their 60s, two dirty old men sitting on a couch."

So... we still don't know if and when it'll happen. But we know Mike Judge has the same opinion of tech support most people do...

Extra Tidbit: Beavis and Butthead started out 16 years ago already. An entire generation of kids has gone from birth to watching TWILIGHT since then. GOD I'm old...
Source: Cinema Blend



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