Beyonce a superhero?

Can you see Beyonce Knowles as Wonder Woman? Yeah, neither can I. And I say that not because Beyonce is black because frankly that part of it doesn't bother me at all. It's just that I'm enjoying this new era of comic book movies where we're casting really talented actors as superheroes and not just Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Mr. Freeze suit. To cast Beyonce as Wonder Woman would just send the wrong message about the film from the very get go. You develop a WONDER WOMAN film for years and years and then cast Beyonce?

If you're wondering where this rant is coming from, Beyonce told the LA Times that she has met with representatives from Warner Bros. and DC Comics about starring in WONDER WOMAN though to be clear it was Beyonce, and not WB/DC, that called the meeting. Says Knowles, "I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It's time for that, right?" It would be a bold and powerful choice to cast a black actress as Wonder Woman. And it very well may be time for that. But it's neither bold nor powerful to cast Beyonce and it's certainly not time for that.

Extra Tidbit: Beyonce will be the musical guest on this week's "Saturday Night Live" with Paul Rudd.
Source: LA Times



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