Cameron Diaz takes on role previously eyed by Angelina Jolie in Ridley Scott's The Counselor

Ridley Scott's follow-up to his hotly anticipated PROMETHEUS is the Cormac McCarthy-scripted film THE COUNSELOR, and it's already boasting an incredible cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, and Brad Pitt.

And for a moment there, it seemed like Pitt's other half Angelina Jolie would be taking on the role of 'Malkina' in the Scott/McCarthy joint. But according to Twitch, it looks like unlikely actress Cameron Diaz has landed the dark (for her) role.

The Playlist lays it out saying that the story follows "an attorney (Michael Fassbender) who is in search of a big payday after he proposes to his girlfriend, Laura. So he hooks up with Reiner (Bardem), an acquaintance with deep criminal ties, for a new business proposition: they'll take $20 million worth of cocaine from south of the border and offload it themselves, aided by the no-good Westray (Pitt). As you might imagine, things do not go well for anyone involved." In regards to Diaz's role they add, "In the script, Malkina is a hyper-sexualized Argentinean woman who's hooked up with Reiner, and it's pretty meaty part all around."

Argentinean's have one of the more interesting mixes of cultures, with a lot of Italian and German mixed within their Spanish roots. Diaz, half Cuban on her dad's side and part English and German on her mom's, should fit the film's part (on a superficial level) better than many might think. So who knows? Maybe she'll do well with a nice, challenging role. I'm rooting for her anyway.

THE COUNSELOR begins production next month.
Source: TwitchThe Playlist

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