Cast This: Indiana Jones

Look we’re back! But this edition of Cast This might hit you right in the childhood feels...

It’s time to cast Indiana Jones!

Yeah, it hurts to type that, and furthermore, realizing that casting this iconic role is a reality only makes the wound a little deeper. When we were younger, the thought that we would grow up, and Indy would be in his 70s didn’t even cross our minds. But guess what is cool about movies? We get to keep that same feeling we had when we were younger, and Harrison Ford never ages past 47 (unless you count what happened in 2008). You can visit the Indy you know and love any time you want. So are we good now?

There are many qualities one needs in order to be a good fit for Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. They have to be charismatic, sarcastic, rugged, intelligent, handsome, and under no circumstances be anywhere near snakes. He hates snakes. It was rumored that Bradley Cooper would be the guy to wear the fedora, but the whole idea of a reboot was shot down in March by Frank Darabont, who supposedly was the man who suggested it all to begin with. Will Disney just let it die? Um, well, if it makes them a good chunk of change then probably not.

Is there a modern day Harrison Ford out there? Or should we breakaway and come up with something a little more creative? I haven’t heard too many suggestions since this is a particular subject that no one wants to touch. When Cooper was brought to the table, I don’t recall hearing too many nays. Robert Pattinson was most recently connected with role, and for those of you who were freaking out, you were probably happy when the suggestion was crushed. Pattinson may be making waves in ROVER, but nothing about him screams “Indy” to me.

Enough babbling, let’s get the casting ideas going!


1. Scott Adkins 2. Cyril Raffaelli 3. Ryan Kwanten

I knew that Scott Adkins would wind up on this list. He's been suggested for several roles on this column, and frankly, I would be surprised if you guys didn't mention him. While I get why you chose him as your leading man, I do have to say that Raffaelli is a superb choice. Almost so much so that if I had the power I'd get the guy an audition. Kwanten deserves a big break in my opinion, but I don't think this is the one.

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