Cast This: Wonder Woman (TV)

With the news that The CW is doing their own take on WONDER WOMAN, I thought it would interesting to see who you guys would cast in the role.

The Amazonian princess hasn't had her own solo show since the 1970s. More recently, she was mentioned on SMALLVILLE, but never showed up during the run of the series. In October 2010, NBC got a wild hair and thought that they could bring the character back to the small screen (against their better judgment) with David E. Kelley holding the reins. When the first photos of the costume hit, there was a collective laugh on the internet. Not to mention, early that June, Wonder Woman had a major costume change in the comics. There was some controversy on that as well. A pilot was filmed with Adrianne Palicki as a successful corporate executive/crime fighter trying to find a balance as a modern woman in today's world. You could hear the collective minds being blown (not in a good way), and as of May, the idea was canned.

With the Justice League movie trying to create some traction, I guess no one is willing to just give the idea of a successful, modern-day WONDER WOMAN show up. They've even attempted to get her a solo spot on the big screen, but that's not happening either. So, why does The CW think they can do any better? To start with, SMALLVILLE was a big hit for them with a pretty loyal following. They've also put together a Green Arrow series, ARROW that is set to debut this October. The CW's idea for Wonder Woman sets her in the role of a budding superhero. She will get the more "grassroots" approach, similar to that of Clark's journey in SMALLVILLE.

I have hope for Wonder Woman. I think that if the material gets to the right person, and they find the right lady for the role that they might get something worth watching. It's a journey with any character to translate them from the page of a comic to the small or big screen. However, there may be no hope for Aquaman (kidding...or am I?).

This all brings me back to the original question: Who would be the best fit for Diana of Themyscira AKA Wonder Woman?

RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS 'CAST THIS': Who Should Direct the Justice League?

1. Brad Bird 2. J.J. Abrams 3. Guillermo del Toro

When I suggested Brad Bird this week, I did not think about his ties with Disney until you guys reminded me. Regardless, I still think he's a great choice, and so did you since he was the number one pick. Next was Abrams, a guy who could definitely tackle the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Then in third place, we have del Toro. He would take the material to the next level. Several of you wanted to go outside the box with your choices, which I think might be the place to look. Nolan wasn't a mainstream choice, and he did an excellent job.

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