Check out more stunts and action in the featurette for The Mummy

The first trailer for Universal's THE MUMMY hit earlier today and has, so far, garnered some pretty mixed reactions. I could probably just sum them all up with the title, Mummy: Impossible feat. The Enchantress, and you'd get the idea. The trailer's focus is on action and Tom Cruise doing what he does best. The following featurette doesn't aim to deviate from that, but I'd argue that this is MILES better than the trailer in preparing you for what's to come. Take a look!

Admittedly I wanted something a little more horror-driven with Alex Kurtman's THE MUMMY, but after settling into what Universal and Co. are setting up, this looks like it could be a lot of fun. Sure, it does appear to be more of Tom Cruise's brand of action/adventure, but that's rarely a bad thing. Plus, he gets to tangle with some classic movie monsters! That actually sounds like a fan's dream come true. At the very least, it looks a lot more fun than DRACULA: UNTOLD.

THE MUMMY hits theaters on June 9, 2017.



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