Check out these new posters from Cannes 2012, including the worst Nic Cage photoshop ever

Ah, Cannes. You are almost as weird as the San Diego Comic Con, except with 100% more Europeans. Every year the global film industry descends on the French town and premieres their films while little independent companies try to sell their movies to anyone who will write a check. Amongst those real Hollywood caliber movies you do get some trash. The movies are of varying quality but the craftsmanship of the posters is even more skewed. Anyone with Photoshop and five minutes looks like they have a poster at Cannes this year. Take a look at a handful of them below.

This poster for the Robert De Niro/John Travolta flick KILLING SEASON looks like a standard Hollywood poster.  But, if you look closely, you can see Travolta is sporting an Amish beard.  Plus, when the hell will a bow and arrow defeat a gun?

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is a great book that will make an excellent movie.  The poster does not give away much about the plot (a woman loses her memories and thinks her husband may be trying to kill her.) but it does put Nicole Kidman at the forefront.  I like this poster.  it is simple and yet intriguing.

The first of the Nicolas Cage posters, this one is blatantly photoshopped.  There is no tag line or any information aside from Cage's huge noggin.  These usually do not give the viewer confidence that the movie is any good.  Next.

More Nic Cage?  More Photoshop?  But, this one has explosions!  This poster is a clear rip off of the TAKEN marketing down to the tag line and title font.  Oh, Nic Cage, haven't you paid your tax bills off yet?

We posted an article about this one a while back.  The lovely Genesis Rodriguez is nowhere to be seen on this poster (pity), but the simple imagery does convey a nice tone.  The tag line is a bit cheezy, but still a decent image.

The third and final Nic Cage poster is an absolute abomination.  Whoever made this poster should be ashamed of themselves.  I crap better posters than this.  There is zero excuse for this.  The gun is too big, the head is too small, and Cage never had mucles like that in his life.  I am not even sure what it means by the word "execute"  Is he killing everyone in MARBLE CITY or is it just a really poor English translation?

Let me know if you stumble across any awful Cannes posters yourselves. I would love to see if anything can be worse than MARBLE CITY.

Source: Movie Hole



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