Cool Videos: Hugh Jackman can't stand still for Tony Awards' opening number

I can't say that I'm up-to-date with my stage shows these (or any other) days. I was well aware of the Tony Awards show going on last night and that was about it. When I tuned in, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The musical acts were well done and when compared with the Oscars, there was an unpretentious air abound. The vibe in the room was boomin', and I'm pretty sure that was because of the host for the evening, Hugh Jackman.

Take a look at his introduction:

The man will always be known for owning the role of Wolverine, but aside from being such a hard-working actor/performer, he looks like he's having a lot of fun. That's definitely something an audience member can pick up on and feed off of. Major props to Weapon X for killing it last night.

Not that you didn't know already, but you can catch Mr. Jackman in one of the best films of the summer thus far, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, now in theaters.

Extra Tidbit: For those of you who watched, what did you think of this year's Tony Awards?



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