Cool Videos: Weird Science 2 with Alessandra Ambrosio and RJ Mitte

Those of you who have been waiting for a sequel to 1985's WEIRD SCIENCE will have to make due with this modern version titled STRANGE CHEMISTRY.

The basic idea here is the same though since it is from Funny or Die you know that it come with a twist. Instead of Kelly LeBrock, we get Alessandra Ambrosio who struts her pretty little behind on the Victoria Secret runway. In the place of Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith, there's RJ Mitte (BREAKING BAD) and Marten Holden Weiner (MAD MEN). HOLY SHIT! Is that little Glen???

There's been rumors that a remake of WEIRD SCIENCE is on our way except that we haven't heard anything more about it since April. I think that it could definitely work again though without a script by John Hughes you don't have quite the magic that you got the first time around. Not to mention, how do you out dork Anthony Michael Hall?

Check the weirdness out below.

Charles Ingram, Funny Or Die, Betsy Koch, bettebentley, and BoTown Sound">Weird Science 2 with Alessandra Ambrosio from Alessandra Ambrosio

Source: Funny or Die



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