Creepy Spanish teaser for Regression with Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson

Director Alejandro Amenabar made a name for himself in Hollywood with the 2001 ghost story THE OTHERS with Nicole Kidman. Since then, he has made the critically acclaimed THE SEA INSIDE with Javier Bardem and the underseen AGORA with Rachel Weisz. Now, he is back with a new horror film, REGRESSION, starring Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke.

At first glance, REGRESSION looks like the same horror flicks Ethan Hawke has been making in recent years like SINISTER and THE PURGE. This Spanish language trailer offers fleeting glimpses at some cult-like proceedings that apparently involved Waton's character. From my high school Spanish skills, I am able to gather that this movie involves a potential conspiracy and something else lurking beneath the events Watson is relating.

Emma Watson has been picking pretty solid roles since her HARRY POTTER days so I cannot judge this film until I see it, but I am a fan of Amenabar and his early work like OPEN YOUR EYES. With a supporting appearance from David Thewlis, REGRESSION may be a late summer surprise at the theater.

REGRESSION is set to open on August 28, 2015.

Source: YouTube



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