Daisy Ridley shares BTS Star Wars wrap image; Mark Ruffalo hulks out on Thor

Disney is owning the shit out of Hollywood, as usual, and that trend looks to continue next year with two more high-profile pics from their arsenal of franchises; STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII and THOR: RAGNAROK. Both films hit toward the tail end of 2017, but that hasn't stopped little sneaks and peeks popping up online, usually via social media from the stars themselves. Today, Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey Skywalker Kenobi Whatever, shared a wrap image of her character wielding a familiar blue-colored lightsaber, presumably a BTS pic from the next chapter in the series, directed by Rian Johnson. And here she said she didn't want anything to do with that thing...


And that is a wrap on Star Wars Episode VIII. My heart is brimming. #reyout

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Yesterday, Mark Ruffalo showed us the ultimate in ultimate Hulk Hands from the set of THOR: RAGNAROK and today he revealed himself in full-on mo-cap glory, preparing to shoot some scenes as the Green Goliath (well, as a human, but later rendered as the Green Goliath in post), lamenting the overall presentation of his sexy suit and dotted face. Hey, it's better than wearing a suit and tie every day, am I right? Unless you're playing James Bond, of course. Here's Ruffalo, discussing his day of work...

When I first heard that Ruffalo was going to be joining THOR: RAGNAROK (which, I broke here on JoBlo.com) it gave me a renewed hope for the film, and each scoop and info dump since has gotten me more and more excited for THOR: PLANET HULK RAGNAROK. With Taika Waititi at the helm (an inspired choice, especially after WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS) and stars like Jeff Goldblum, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson, Idris Elba, and that loveable Tom Hiddleston back as Loki, it's shaping up to be the best entry in the Thor solo series thus far.

As for STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII...nothing need be said. It's Star Wars. I'm there. Enjoy my soul, Disney.

THOR: RAGNAROK smashes into theaters on November 3, 2017 and STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII hits on December 15, 2017.

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