Danny McBride to remake the extreme Danish comedy Clown for Warner Bros.

Any viewer of EASTBOUND AND DOWN knows that Danny McBride is fully capable of pulling off the raunchiest of comedy. He pulls no punches, even if he results as the humiliated butt of the joke.

Well, McBride is ready to do it again.  He will write, star, and coproduce with Todd Philips (THE HANGOVER) a remake of the Danish television series and film KLOVN (CLOWN).

The short summary of the film is two men and a 13-year old boy embark on an R-rated vacation.  Now, that could go in a million inappropriate directions.  But, the one it does go in is pretty hardcore.

KLOVN: THE MOVIE is about main characters Casper and Frank who plan a canoeing trip deemed “Tour de P***y” in which they plan to party hard and have as much sex as possible. Then, Frank discovers his girlfriend is pregnant and wants to get rid of the baby. She’ll only relent if he can prove he’ll be a worthy father. Frank’s answer is to take her 11-year old son on the canoe trip, but he and his buddy don’t change any of their plans for debauchery.

The KLOVN series has been compared to CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM while the film was seen as being the Danish version of THE HANGOVER.  Danny McBride will reportedly begin working on the script as soon as EASTBOUND AND DOWN finishes its final season.

The original Danish version of KLOVN is being released stateside courtesy of Drafthouse Films on July 27th. Check out their website for more information on the original film and see if you agree with McBride as the choice to helm the new screenplay.



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