Disney ready for The Jungle Book 2, bringing back Jon Favreau & Justin Marks

disney, the jungle book, jon favreau

Disney must really love what they have on their hands with THE JUNGLE BOOK, because, days before the film is set to be released in theaters, The Mouse is in negotiations for Jon Favreau and Justin Marks to return for a sequel. 

Favreau would once again return to the director's chair with Marks penning the screenplay for the follow-up. Rudyard Kipling did write a sequel himself - The Second Jungle Book - in 1895, which featured five Mowgli stories, and it's believed Disney would mine that source material for whatever Favreau would deliver next. 

THE JUNGLE BOOK has been garnering strong advance buzz heading into its release date with overwhelmingly positive reviews carrying the day for the film. With a fantastic box office take expected, it's no wonder Disney would want to get several balls in motion to make a sequel happen sooner rather than later. All of their live-action reimaginings have been big money for them thus far - ALICE IN WONDERLAND, CINDERELLA, MALEFICENT. Looks like they're banking big on THE JUNGLE BOOK next to do the same.

THE JUNGLE BOOK is in theaters this Friday, April 15.



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