DJ Caruso tweets that directing Preacher is a done deal

Today I learned that DJ Caruso has a Twitter that I should be following so I could have gotten this story out hours earlier. But with only 50 followers, how was I supposed to know?

Yes, this is the real Caruso, as if you read the tweets they're too mundane for an imposter. His latest announcement is that after months of rumors, he officially has closed a deal to direct PREACHER, the much beloved comic series about a badass man of the cloth, formerly said to be going in Sam Mendes' direction.

"My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!"

I recently got to see Caruso's latest effort, I AM NUMBER FOUR, which was like a movie version of an overlong Smallville episode, with no Superman mythology masking the annoying high school melodrama. Once it got going, it had some pretty wicked action sequences, and hopefully that's the part of his style that can translate into the PREACHER film. Someone else please be hard at work polishing a solid script. Like maybe the people who wrote the comic?

I don't usually see a whole lot of support for Caruso around these parts, so what's your guys' take on the man taking on PREACHER for sure?

Extra Tidbit: Despite my best efforts, I also have a Twitter. And by the time I finish writing this post Caruso will have more followers than me. Damnit!
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