Doug Liman gives an update on Edge of Tomorrow sequel

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You might expect a blockbuster science-fiction movie starring Tom Cruise to clean up at the box-office, but EDGE OF TOMORROW didn't exactly set many records in that arena, but, thanks to the positive reception and the passion of the film's cast and crew, a sequel began to take shape. While speaking with Collider, EDGE OF TOMORROW director Doug Liman teased a little about the status of the potential sequel, which he claims "really comes from the heart" and isn't being made due to any contractual obligations or the desire for more money. At the moment, it's all coming down to finding a time in the schedule in order to get it done.

Tom and Emily [Blunt] and I are really excited to go do it. We have a script. We’re just trying to find a time to schedule it, between my schedule and Emily’s and Tom’s. But it’s one of these things where it’s a sequel whose origins come from the best possible place, which is, it’s not a studio saying, ‘Hey, we think we can make some more money. Let’s just stamp out another one.’ This sequel originated with fans of the original film who continually came up to Tom and myself and Emily and told us how much they loved the movie and would we ever consider a sequel. And enough people said that to me and to Tom and to Emily that we finally sat down and said, ‘What would a sequel even look like?’ We ended up with Chris McQuarrie coming up with a great story.

The EDGE OF TOMORROW sequel will apparently also be a prequel, and if you're wondering exactly what that means, Doug Liman has previously said that "when you see it, you'll be like, 'I get exactly what he meant by that.'" Given the enthusiasm which Doug Liman, Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie, and Emily Blunt seem to have for the film, I'm feeling optimistic that the sequel will succeed, and even if it doesn't, we'll at least get the twisted pleasure of watching Tom Cruise's character dying over and over again.

It’s mostly not on the battlefield, so there’s a whole new arena of fights we’re going to do using a lot of the technology, but also, because it is a prequel, it’s a lot of the precursor stuff. I’m really interested in the details of that … Like batteries, do they run out on these suits? I mean, they must have batteries. Or he gets stuck with the menu in the wrong language, just the reality of that menu stuck in the wrong language when you’re in the middle of a battlefield and aliens are all around you and you gotta get the suit working again, that detail gives you drama and excitement. And humor. In the sequel, I’m creating an environment where I get to have even more of those details.

Are you looking forward to the EDGE OF TOMORROW sequel? Or should the first film stand alone?

Source: Collider



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