Eddie Murphy says he won't do Beverly Hills Cop 4 until the script improves

beverly hills cop 4

When we last reported on BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, the movie was said to be heading back to Detroit during the “warmest winter on record” in a script by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL). The movie was also said to have a 2016 release date which seems more and more doubtful especially after the recent comments Eddie Murphy made about the projects progress.

At this point it’s still safe to say that sure Brett Ratner is still attached to direct, but in a rare (and notably ironic) turn of events, Eddie Murphy says he wants to get the script right and doesn’t care how much money they offer him or how much the movie can make, he won’t do it unless he likes that script.

Murphy said to Rolling Stone:

They’re still trying to get that script right. I’m not doing a Beverly Hills Cop unless they have a really incredible script. I’ve read a couple things that look like they can make some paper. But I’m not doing a shitty movie just to make some paper. The shit got to be right.

We don’t know what versions of BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, if any, have been handed in and passed on, but it would be interesting to hear what was too bad that Eddie Murphy said no. What a time to finally say “no” to a project based on its script, when it’s likely to give the actor a comeback of sorts. Will Murphy be able to tell the different between good shit and bad shit? I think a lot of us are hoping that he can, I’d love to see him reprise the role of Axel Foley, for old times’ sake.

Source: Rolling Stone



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