Exclusive: Awesome VFX recreates the shark from Jaws: The Revenge (video)

Sharks took a bite out of the box office this past weekend with THE MEG ruling the cinematic ocean, a standard set by the original summer movie, JAWS. However, the subsequent sequels dropped off in quality from one to the next, with the last one, JAWS IV: THE REVENGE, scraping the bottom of the ocean floor when it comes to...well, everything, but specifically that God-awful shark. Not only does it look like a Troma reject puppet, but it somehow also roars. It was the nail in the coffin to that franchise (even with Michael Caine's presence!), where it has remained lost at sea.

Now, it's getting a second life thanks to Steve Clarke and his team at CKVfx, who have recreated the shark for the chase scene at the end of JAWS IV: THE REVENGE. It's a stark contrast and shows just how much has changed in twenty years when it comes to VFX. It shows the potential of what the film could've been given a better budget and, well, time travel. As much as we can admire some of the old effects work of years past, there are some films just begging to get a second chance and this one fits that bill perfectly. Take a look and enjoy!

What other films should get the updated VFX treatment?

Source: JoBlo.com



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