First Look: Adam Sander in Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler

Mindless comedy after mindless comedy, fans start to wonder when Adam Sandler would get back to films like PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE and SPANGLISH. What's a comedian to do? The guy puts out movies that are the equivalent of one big fart joke, he makes them with his closest friends, and continues to get paid. Why leave that?

The one promising project that Sandler has in the bag is THE COBBLER. Here's a synopsis:

"a lonely New York shoe repairman who starts to sense that he’s let life pass him by — going nowhere while fixing the shoes of more-assertive customers taking vacations and living adventures. Things change, though, when he discovers a family heirloom that magically lets him “walk in another man’s shoes” and see the world differently."

The first photo for the film shows Sandler with less of an open mouthed grin, and more of a cynical smirk. Director Tom McCarthy (WIN WIN, THE STATION AGENT) knew that Sandler was the perfect guy for the lead, “For a guy who’s known as a funny guy, Adam has a very soulful quality to him. One of the things that makes Adam right for [the role] is that he does handle the various levels of comedy very well. And he transitions really well from comedy to drama. He can make even the smallest, simplest moments funny.”

THE COBBLER starring Sandler, Dustin Hoffman, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Melonie Diaz, Ellen Barkin, and Dan Stevens just wrapped in New York. No word on a release date.

Source: EW



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