First look at Arnold back in action for The Last Stand

It seems incredibly strange to me that Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in a film where he plays a border town sheriff alongside Johnny Knoxville and Luis Guzman. Stranger still is when you learn that the film, THE LAST STAND is being helmed by Kim Jee-Woon of I SAW THE DEVIL and THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE WEIRD.

As crazy as it all may be, it’s always nice to see Arnold back acting again, and even though his cohorts aren’t quite as badass as they were in that EXPENDABLES 2 picture with Bruce Willis and Stallone, it’s still a good shot. You’ll recognize Guzman and Knoxville (this is a comedy?) and I believe that’s Jaimie Alexander on the right.

The story follows an LAPD cop turned border town sheriff who has to deal with an escaped drug kingpin as he attempts to flee from a convey and cross back into Mexico. Kind of a cool concept, though I’m a bit surprised The Rock doesn’t have this part. Speaking of, why isn’t The Rock in THE EXPENDABLES 2?

Extra Tidbit: So did that whole “Governator” comic/TV show cartoon thing just go away? Because that would be nice.
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