First photo from Rock of Ages is Alec Baldwin like you've never seen him

Well this is confusing. We heard a few weeks ago that Alec Baldwin had dropped out of Adam Shankman's ROCK OF AGES musical.

The role of Dupree, who sings a duet of REO Speedwagon with Russell Brand, had been offered to Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell who both turned it down, and when Baldwin left for "medical reasons," it seemed a bit suspect.

But now we have a new picture of Baldwin on set and in costume, and now I might understand why everyone was so hesitant about picking up the role. It appears it requires donning a Jennifer Aniston wig and dressing up like a New Mexico soccer mom. But it does seem to indicate Baldwin has rejoined the project.

The film also stars Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, Malin Akerman and Bryan Cranston. If this is how people are being styled, I can't wait to see more pictures from set.

Extra Tidbit: According to our own Mike Sampson, they just played hardball and forced Baldwin to stick with his contract even though he didn't want to.
Source: Adam Shankman



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